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Update - May 2011

Sadly this site has bitten the proverbial dust, sorry folks!

Please check out SexstationTV for archive material :-)


Reviewed 10 July 2010


If memory serves me correctly Yvette Merriman is the only yank on the UK TV sexchat show Babestation but I‘m pretty sure there are a lot more yankers that watch her perform. I first discovered this leggy Americano when she hit our shores and TV screens about 5 years ago. She is extremely tall (over 6ft in heels) with a super fit and taught athletic tanned body, small-ish tits and I have only just discovered… a uber sexy streamlined waxed pussy. How do I know such personal things? Well I logged onto of course! See, what you don’t get on the TV show (Sky Ch 906/Freeview Ch 94-96) is full frontal nudity, due to free-to-air broadcast restrictions, however there are no such rules online so these glamour models can drop their knickers and show all for the first time.


This isn’t the biggest site in the world with just 40 short DVD quality videos but its enhanced with almost double the amount of photo galleries (75, containing 20+ images per set, some a lot more I hasten to add). Quality is very good even if its not HD/High Resolution and members can download the lot, no questions asked which is always a winner.


Navigation comprises of just: Home, Pictures, Videos, Webcam and Blog, so its really easy to get around. Her Blog has become somewhat of a ghost town (cue tumbleweed sound FX) with no updates since March 2010 and the last prior to this being November 2009. I think this is down to Yvette flitting between Vegas and London, leaving little time to update this area (excuses, excuses, I don’t know). Its pretty common to be honest - XXX Blogs seem like a good idea until you have to write them every day, ah well. Talking of updates, until recently there was a steady flow of content (nothing major, but consistent), however the latest material was added in the middle of June 2010, so we have hit a slow patch folks.


This is primarily a fan site and as it goes I like it. I must have squirted a pint or so of spunk watching this sweetie over the years so any negatives are soon forgotten once inside her domain. She is really, really sexy - when she bends over in a pair of stockings her naked ass and camel toe looks so damn fuckable!


I particularly enjoy lingerie shoots and there are lots here. All sorts of sexy outfits (nurse, swimsuits, secretary etc) and a ton of hose for fans of such nice things. Body stockings are not that common so it was good to see Yvette’s fine figure encased in pink fishnet. There is a very nice set of Yvette in a toilet (I’m dirty I admit it, I was hoping for some pissing fun, alas none) and after a bit of erotic posing, she finally lifts her mile long legs high into the air and pulls her pink panties down to reveal her gorgeous and totally hairless pussy crack (she has small perfect inner lips if you are interested?). Worth the admission fee alone me thinks!


The videos are really just micro clips with many being under a minute long (view in browser or download). They come across more as promo material (music in the background style) rather than movies in their own right so its fair to say the photos are the stars here. Fair enough their good quality but way to short and tame for a serious wank-my-love-pole session - more often than not they simply mirror the photo session. There is a 9 minute long interview, so fans can discover what makes Yvette tick in the bedroom and find out about her modelling career to date, which makes up for the shortfall somewhat.


30 days access costs £24.60 per month (note this is GBP not USD) which all things considered is a bit on the pricey side but probably worth it (to dedicated fans) because you will not find this content anywhere else - its 100% exclusive.


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