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Reviewed 16 June 2011


Willow Lane Wives is a clever idea and could best be described as the soft porn version of the hit US TV show Desperate Housewives! It must be said that while the ladies of Wisteria Lane are sexy, in a MILF kind of way, Willow Lane’s residents certainly have the edge in the kerb appeal department, what with their pert young breasts and tight pink twats! This fantasy site is set in a fictional leafy English suburb and I must confess to searching to see if I could find something for sale. After all these bored and lonely housewives can’t wait to get naked and show you everything they get up to when left home alone!


The residents of Willow Lane currently include: Mrs Layla Lovejoy, Mrs Mackenzie White, Mrs Shay Hendrix, Mrs Sofia Cortez and Mrs Syren Sexton. And these gorgeous babes are joined by their delectable friends that include: Mrs Danielle Mayes, Mrs Faye Taylor and Mrs Jazmine Bloom. I’m sure these babes could do with a handyman - I’m good with wood, I have the tools and I’m cheap! was launched in January 2011 so its new and still establishing itself. The ever lovely Mrs Mackenzie White has informed me that a new enhanced update schedule is planned for July so members will be rewarded with even more sexy photo galleries and HD movies in the coming months.


Photo quality is staggering with gigantic ultra high resolution imagery as standard (2300x3500 pixels). View online in a gallery format or quickly download the zip files to your hard drive. You can expect 50-100 images per set and I thoroughly recommend you download everything here.


Movie content is small on the ground but what is available is full High Definition loveliness! There are two download choices: WMV and WMV HD, but no streaming. Make sure you get the latter as they really are fantastic cock hardeners.


As you can imagine most of the action mainly takes place behind the closed doors of Willow Lane, however, these horny birds love the outside and often can be found stripping to nude in the garden. Good scene descriptions relay the fantasy element and its all done competently. Currently the content is all solo girl and most contain open leg and toy style masturbation (mainly glass dildos). A multi girl set or two would be very welcome (maybe a lingerie party… but I digress). This site is harder than anything previously released by Glamour babe Mackenzie (see Love UK Glamour Girls and St Mackenzies), so show your support and get stuck into some top notch UK produced fun today.


Membership costs $25.00 for 30 days, $45.00 for 60 days and $60.00 for 90 days - the latter is bang on the button and represents a 20% saving over regular monthly billing.


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Syren Sexton - Willow Lane Wives
Sofia Cortez - Willow Lane Wives
Layla Lovejoy - Willow Lane Wives
Mackenzie - Willow Lane Wives