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Reviewed 15 January 2011


Before the sexually liberated 1960’s, you would think that sex didn’t exist - history paints a picture that chicks were prudes, and poor old hubby only got to shag the missus on his birthday - well, that may be true in some cases, but having perused for the last week or so, it would appear that there were quite a few horny babes and randy amateur photographers about. This site is heaving with vintage hairy muff and is a fantastic collection of porn memorabilia.


This site shouldn’t be confused with its sister While Vintage Flash is a modern day site focusing on retro lingerie this one is bona fide vintage porn - genuine right down to the Box Brownie style imagery that prevails throughout.


I’ve seen quite a few vintage sites in my time, but none that have been bursting at the stocking seams like this - it truly is an archive of great proportions. Honestly, I’m impressed. The owner has unearthed a diverse and varied collection of photographs ranging from the 1930’s to around the mid 1970’s, and continues to do so on a weekly basis. This guy deserves a gong for his tireless work, I mean where does it all come from? Its not like you can simply buy this stuff off the shelf! A lot of it looks like it was never destined for public consumption falling strictly into the amateur “at home” bracket (hey, you may even find your own granny here!). Anyway, if you ever wondered what adults got up to behind closed doors in the good old days then I suggest you get yourself a membership immediately - it’s a real eye opener.


I should mention that this is purely a photo archive - there is one 6 minute long video titled “The Modern Magician” which appears to date back to around 1935 or so (can’t be more precise sorry), but that’s it, so you’ll definitely be buying into the photographic content alone.


With a an archive that spans nearly 40 years, you can expect the quality to vary substantially. Cameras of the period weren’t that great, they were also expensive, as was the film processing, and most, if not all, were monochrome (that’s black and white to you and me). Even the Polaroid heyday of the 1960’s-1970’s didn’t improve clarity that much, though colour was then possible. That said the majority of the  6,753+ images are black and white (there are just 22 colour sets). Obviously there aren’t any high resolution images, but overall their decent reproductions considering their age.


Images are displayed in a slightly little different way to the norm purely because a good proportion of the babes only feature in one or two images (some more). That means the majority of “sets” are composed of multiple models rather than a single girl with multiple images which we are all used to these days. It makes sense and is the prefect solution - circumnavigating the potential long winded approach of having single model images spread over many, many pages. Right now there are 243+ individual sets that can be downloaded in zip files or viewed in a great slideshow tool.


Click “Pin Up Pages” and select Alphabetical Order, that way you can enjoy the various categories. Delve in and find some outrageous beehive hairdos from the swinging sixties to fresh faced young teens in the buff. I’m guessing that you will join this site for the lingerie which looks extremely retro today, but was actually new back then! Real women in real corsets, girdles, garter belts and lush sheer stockings. Some of the content is ultra innocent right down to the awkward posing, while a lot is risqué. There is a section titled “Vintage Porn” which deals with hardcore content. Here you will be able to wank off to some gritty girl/guy and girl/girl scenes. In one set a dirty gal had her tits bound with rope and was lactating profusely! If you are an out and out stockings aficionado you’ll appreciate  the “Hose Pack Art” galleries - a fascinating historical catalogue of the imaginative artwork that once adorned nylon packs.


By way of a excellent bonus, members get full unrestricted access to three other nylon rich sites: (school uniforms, hose, stockings), (modern retro lingerie/stockings site) and (no explanation needed - its just pantyhose and more pantyhose!).


From classic 50’s pinups to 60’s shag pile rugs, this site has it all and I love it! Membership costs just $29.95 for 30 days recurring, however the bargain deal has to be the 120 days (non recurring) membership, which comes in at a an amazingly low $99.95.


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