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Reviewed 23 February 2010


Hang on, just checking the date here. Okay… it IS the 23rd of February. I actually thought it was Christmas day all over again - a site full of wonderful ‘man type’ surprises - the sort of gadgets I can’t wait to get my hands on, all wrapped up in cotton, nylon, silk and whatever else they make panties out of. Oh yes, time to limber up because this site is fucking huge, stretch that wrist, clench your fist and prepare for a hearty pantsturbation session, because this is, one of the top panty sites online today.


Please forgive my enthusiasm but I love this sort of thing. Copious old skool galleries, tonnes of solid video - just what the wank doctor ordered. has been online since 2003 and as the name implies is for all you naughty voyeurs who cannot help but take a sneaky peek up an unsuspecting girls skirt when the opportunity arises - which just coincidently happens to be all the fucking time at this site. There is nothing subtle about the flashing, these babes just get down to it. I really do envy the lucky sod that gets to gaze upwards - his camera positioned eloquently between two taught legs catching the triangle of lust and arse crack. Good for us that all these images are archived not just in stills but video too.


Visually this site is as easy on the eyeballs as it is on the ballbag. Cleanly laid out with quality thumbnails ripe for clicking. Its so obvious I really don’t need to tell you how to find content because as a regular reader of our reviews you are obviously intelligent enough to figure that one out for yourself or as I like to say its retard proof (click pic, gallery, click gallery, pic, simple as that).


On the face of it you may think… okay, not much going on here, but boy you’d be wrong. Delve a little deeper and you’ll (currently) uncover 252 models (ranked by members votes), 514 movies and fuck me easily 800+ individual zipped photo sets (containing around 70-150 or so high resolution/quality images, some more some less). Content is dated and with a very healthy update schedule the numbers are rising every couple of days.


Videos can be streamed or downloaded in three distinct formats: WMV, MPG and MPG-4 for iPod or other portable device. Granted these aren’t full length DVD’s with an average run time of about 5 minutes but what the heck they are excellent quality, especially the latest WMV ones.


As a panty fan I think you’ll understand the emphasis is squarely focused on the upskirts angle (bit of a pun there sorry). There isn’t a lot of full nudity here (you do get titties but not so much minge) and that is how it should be. I am growing tired of sites that fuck off on some sort of convoluted tangent at the expense of the niche. If I want a panty site, I want panties and that’s exactly what you get. Top marks for sticking to the brief.


Anyway, as looking up girls skirts is in every mans DNA (poofs excluded) this site has broad appeal. Its full of lovely UK babes in all shapes, sizes and shades, its most definitely erotic, you can download everything, there’s an active forum, a request spot and at just $24.95 for 30 days access its extremely good value. What else do you need? Dim the lights, crack open a Stella and enjoy! Quality site.


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