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Reviewed 14 August 2009


The semi-quasi softcore girl site is nothing new - oh boy there are fucking loads to choose from. To stand out from the crowd, content really needs to shine out like a magnesium candle dipped in phosphorus and stuffed into a box of lit fireworks! There are plenty of damp squibs out there, they talk the talk but end up shitting on the walk. Will pull it off? We shall see.


Visually, all okay. Nothing groundbreaking or dynamic, but neatly composed with relevant menu and thumbnail style navigation in grids. As is commonplace, recent updates appear first and top rated photos linger down the right hand side. Click the pics to convey the goods - be that video or image galleries. There are no bonus sites or crappy external video feeds (shock horror, most sites seem awash with those these days, sometimes at the expense of the actual sites own content). We have a familiar save to ‘Favourites’ feature and a A-Z searchable model database (nice). No third party sponsor ads either which is refreshing (fucking hate being duped into clicking sexy pics only to end up at some god forsaken dating site!).


Anyway, content is not uniformly split between photo galleries and video - there are more images than movies. To be precise, right now there are 57 photo galleries and 33 downloadable videos.


Gallery presentation is what I’d call a standard layout, 4x4 per page running to a maximum of 6 pages (work it out… 16 images per page times 6 pages equals 96 pics in total - not bad). The actual image resolution is 1200x1600 thus making it high resolution - in fact some of the super sharp pussy close ups looked almost life size on my 22 inch Dell and I wanted to reach in and touch (I am a dirty little fucker!). I would have preferred a slideshow option as clicking ‘Next and ‘Previous’ becomes rather tedious after a while and a jizz covered mouse is not good. If you like a particular picture why not rate it! There is a rating system (1-5) at the bottom of each image and as mentioned earlier your vote counts as the average score is displayed on each page throughout the site. Big woops all round you can download each set in a zip file - brilliant!


In addition to this amazing image archive, I had heard - through the perverted grapevine - that this site had recently started providing HD quality movies too. And lo and behold they have. The earlier material is still good quality WMV format but the HD stuff will knock your socks off. There is no way to stream these, but you can download the entire movie. Funnily enough when I first looked at the video pages I wrongly assumed that the movies were carved up into smaller clips because there are 6 video caps per video. However this is not the case - click any image and the entire movie will start to download. Be advised, the video files all have the same file name - either 1.wmv or 2.wmv so be sure to rename them otherwise they may overwrite one another - not good as these are hefty 200MB+ downloads. Not too keen on the mind numbing, bing-bongy-retro-jazz-poppy tune accompanying (some) of the videos, which sounds like the sort of shite you get in a hardware store!


Okay, what’s the content action all about? Well, mainly solo girl posing from fully clothed to nude (classic stripping to be honest) in various settings/locations, outdoors and in. Dildo usage is not predominant but there all the same, as are a couple of girl/girl sets/scenes which are tame enough to be bracketed softcore - touching up at best - could do with more lezza action please. There is no girl/boy action because THEY ARE GIRLS (fucking finally, my daily pun achieved!).


Has this site made the grade? Well, in a lot of respects yes. This girl fest of a site provides top notch imagery and the very finest HD movies so it scores highly there. Everything else works fine enough. Content quantity is not extensive but it is exclusive and the models are pretty, some obviously new to modelling - all shy and awkward, awww! The update schedule (currently one video or photo set per week) could do with a shot in the ass to really kick it up a gear but overall it does what it says on the tour.


Higher than average membership ($29.95 for 30 days) may make you shudder, but it comes with a sweetener - it recurs at just $25.95. Worth a second look for the quality alone.


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