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Reviewed 21 July 2009


What do we all love about teenage babe sites? Well, there is not a hint of a bingo wing within 100 yards, the girls are as supple and smooth as a greased eel, and as for cellulite, the inner thigh of a fat assed bird has more lumpy bits per square inch than all the models on this site put together! We adore naughty teenage nympho’s don’t we? Yes! Having said all that, there are quite a few quality sites that are squeezed into this genre, the latest incarnation being - a brand new site overflowing with tight muff and perky tits. But has it got the jizz factor?


A site competing with similarly inspired offerings has to afford the right content, plus quality, to succeed and I was dubious when I first heard of ‘Not another fucking one’ I was heard muttering around XXX Pwnage Towers. Never a one to prejudge, I logged in and was greeted with a dynamic site, akin to some of the fucking superb nude art series I rate highly (reminded me a tad of MCN Nudes).


Although packed to the rafters with girlie content, the overall look (sexy black) is clean and tidy, and the ‘wow, how cool’ features are not overplayed but there all the same (excellent download options to name but one).


Quality vs. Quantity or Quantity vs. Quality? That question is almost like the meaning of life itself. All too often, one is sacrificed at the others expense - as a seasoned pornster you’ll understand where I’m coming from. So, rejoice, good news, what we get at is quality AND quantity, by the fucking shed full. In fact, some of the best imagery I’ve seen in ages is nestled away here.


For example photo galleries, come in three formats: 800 pixels, 1600 pixels and the stonkingly fine 3000 pixels super high resolution! All are available to download (pre zipped) or to view online via a pop up viewer thing. Couple that quality with 200+ images per set, times 153 individual galleries… mmmm that is fucking loads of lush!


The good people at want everyone to experience the very best, which is why all their videos come in a wide variety of formats and resolutions - 1080p widescreen HD at 1920x1080, 720p widescreen HD at 1280x720 and even a Standard Definition format at 640x360 (which some sites offer as standard!). Quantity is equally as impressive with 132 movies currently available - these are gorgeously produced with a absolute clarity shining through (the girls aren’t bad either!). Don’t forget to check out the behind the scenes footage and bloopers for a cracking laugh.


I honestly think this is going to become a classic teen site. The teeny niche may be overworked across the board but its alive and kicking serious butt here. Primarily, content features beautiful solo honeys posing (with and without toys) but there are girl/girl and multiple (4) girl scenes too (no boy/girl action I might add). So unless you’re gay, Teen Models gets the ‘Cock to hard in 10 seconds’ award for July.


Striking sets, locations and overall photographic skill, plus daily updates makes this a site to join without hesitation. And at just $29.99 can you afford not to? Oh yes, there is also top notch bonus HD movies thrown in for FREE including Asian, Indian, anal, blowjobs, fucking, masturbation, trannys, MILF, big boobs, ebony and lesbians!


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XXX Pwnage Rating - 5 Stars
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