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Reviewed 30 September 2009


I reviewed earlier this year and was very impressed with just about everything about it. At the time, the producers told me they had lots of sites in the pipeline so I was expecting the odd title to be launched here and there during 2009. Having said that, I was not expecting another 12 (!), all of which form the backbone of a brand new softcore (mini) mega series titled As can be gauged from the Tease bit its less hardcore (in fact its no hardcore at all), the emphasis being erotic biased fetish material covering some of the lesser appreciated niche areas as well as some old favourites such as nylons, feet and alluring upskirts.


Because is so new its not got a significant archive in place, but then again 277 HD movies (albeit in small parts) is on par with a quite few sites that have been going a lot longer. I suppose the photo galleries are the weakest link at the moment with just 3075 images available. Thing is, this site updates daily (sometimes twice per day) so rest assured its going to get bigger over the coming months.


Composed of 12 individual sites for one joining fee, provides a diverse collection of fetishes featuring mainly UK ‘glamour’ models, though looking through the models listing some babes are more at home in the hardcore scene with a dildo up both holes (Lolly Badcock for example). You wont get that here though its softcore through and through.


There is an impressive line up of totty as can be seen from this list… Adelaide, Amber Leigh, Amber Scott Rivers, Becky Hope, Carly Ford, Charlee Lynn, Charley Atwell, Cherri Lee, Daniella Rossi, Dannii Harwood, Denice K, Donna Tickel, Elle P, Emily Clark, Emma Spellar, Gemma Hiles, Georgie Graham, Hayley Estes, Hayley Williams, Holly Newbury, Jade Bentley, Jenkins, Jenna H, Joa, Jools Brooke, Karen Wood, Kate Ingram, Kayla Fox, Kelly Burgess, Kitty Kat, Lisa Marie Bourke, Lolly Badcock, Michelle Monroe, Natasha Marley, Rachel Carter, Rachel Victoria, Rebecca Gunn, Renee Richards, Sarah Arnold, Sarah Maxwell, Simone Linsell, Steffi Beecham, Terri Marquez, Vanessa Upton, Vicky Goulding and Victoria Taylor. And there are many more too to satisfy and tease (I just got bored typing names, sorry!).


So what’s on offer? Well quite a lot. As previously mentioned some fetishes such as ‘Models Tits‘, ‘Models Bums‘, ‘UK Models Feet’ and your general stockings/nylons/pantyhose sites are pretty much standard fare whereas ‘Girls and Makeup’ was new one on me. Tickling sites are not that common and in these days of anti-this, anti-that, it was nice to see some cool looking cuties sucking on some big ole cancer sticks in ‘Models Smoking‘.


Individual site content quantity varies, as would be expected at this stage, but all offer something different. Each site contains superb quality full length (downloadable in parts) WMV HD movies (also available in standard WMV for quicker download times) and images (Lo and Hi resolution). It should be mentioned that not all scenes come with photo galleries (well not yet anyway). All content can be downloaded without restriction, which is always welcome.


Membership includes 12 exclusive sites and costs $29.99 (recurring) for 1 month; $59.99 (recurring) for 3 months or $99.95 (non recurring) for 6 months. The subscription cost is higher than similar sized networks but you are getting 100% exclusive HD fetish movies so the choice is yours - certainly one to keep an eye on for the future at the very least!


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