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Reviewed 10 November 2011


Take5Girls.com is a new and original concept from the makers of Breath-Takers.com and GirlFolio.com. Even if you have just a passing interest in nude art I’m pretty sure you will have heard of these sites - they need no introduction and stand as sensuous benchmarks for the genre. I’m a big fan and was interested to see what Take 5 Girls was all about - after all it’s a popular niche with plenty of competition.


Initially I thought this could just be another clone, but its actually deeper than that. The premise is simple. Each week a new model is featured and over a period of 5 days (Monday-Friday) a different photo set is released culminating in a High Definition video or two. Each set is progressively more revealing and intimate - its like a week long strip tease! Can you hold out till Friday?


If you are familiar with this teams work you’ll know what to expect - moody lighting, luxurious settings, soft focus and unusual photographic techniques. This is visual seduction with a huge helping of lingerie based erotica. Capturing the beautiful lines of the worlds most stunning models has always been paramount and that continues here - don’t expect any graphic content this is classy nude art.


Don’t forget this site is new so there isn’t a huge archive but enough to satisfy, especially with the stellar 5 updates per week schedule that will keep you entertained well into the future. Currently there are 10 models featured (soon to be 11!) over 9 weeks worth of “takes” (35 photo galleries and 10 HD movies).


Models employed so far include the ever lovely Hayley Marie Coppin, Carmen, Rebekah Dee and Zuzana plus a few new to me. Nice selection so far I can hardly wait for next week to roll round!


Quality is very good with three movie formats to download: H.264 MOV, WMV plus a iPod/iPhone MOV version. Photo galleries are nicely put together but lack a downloadable zip file - so it’s a save as you go type site. I’m not sure whether or not they will be available in the future - its early days and maybe something that will be added like at Breath-Takers - who knows? And while all the pictures are high resolution there are no “ultra” high resolution images that we have become familiar with at such sites. Again this maybe something that is added in a future update.


Summing up… I’m impressed with Take5Girls.com. I think this is a clever take (no pun intended). Sure there is room for improvement, a few tweaks and fine tuning here and there, but the format is spot on. Take 5 Girls comes from an established media source so you can rest easy knowing that these guys will enhance weak areas given time.


Now is the time to join! Throughout November membership has been reduced by 40%. So you can try this for just $14.95 (regular price $24.95). Highly recommended site with a rosy future guaranteed.


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