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Reviewed 22 September 2008 is home to some very hot girls and is a little gem hidden amongst a swathe of similarly inspired softcore offerings. This site stands out from the crowd and delivers a near perfect package to your desktop.


The site name conjures up some ghastly 1970‘s-esque images - the drug-heady days of glam rock - but boy this is more pleasing on the eye than a bunch of hairy weirdo’s of yesteryear! Yes indeedy, girls, girls and more girls served up softcore style and so attractive I can hardly concentrate on writing this without delving back into the site for another crafty peek.


I don’t want to use the term ’super’ too much as its rather cliché in such circles. I would say this site is gorgeously exquisite, perfection personified through megabytes of beauty!


Design, layout and navigation are spot on too. Very intuitive, click ’n’ go. You certainly won’t get confused at Bright and bold headings dictate where you go and suitably positioned thumbnails are so obvious I hardly need explain what to do next. There is a left side pane with additional navigational elements and for in depth searching.


Model scoring is prevalent these days and is no exception - the data gleaned from their members is actually used to update the site through popularity. Click on ‘The Babes’ and by using the little drop down menus sort according to member rating, alphabetical and reverse to name but three. Model scoring features heavily and are more prominent displayed than usual. That’s not a bad thing mind you, in fact its very useful, though don’t overlook some of the lesser rated material - love is in the eye of the beholder, don’t forget.


All the girls featured on this site are European in origin and very sexy right down to their perfect pink pussies (mostly shaved or with an itsy bitsy landing strip). It would appear that the models featured are eau natural and though the average tit looks small in comparison to the plastic monsters I’m used to seeing on a daily basis (!) it’s a refreshing change I can assure you. This is pure softcore but it is spiced up with a good slice of pussy licking and deep penetration via dildos and similar shaped objects (including wine bottles! Chateau Lafite anyone?). The majority of content is of solo girls posing but there is a good selection of 2-way and 3-way lesbian action too.


There are 69 models on the books of SuperGlam ranging in age from 18 to 28. We are assured that the content is 100% exclusive, though the girls themselves do appear on other sites. Each model page has a bio, ranking, score and by porn industry standards, a relatively in depth section about the girls outside interests and photo shoot experiences which I did read for a change.


Below the model bio/info section is a thumbnail listing of photo shoots that particular model has appeared in. Just beneath the model score, is another link to Photoshoots and Videos. I would have preferred these to be more prominent as they are easily overlooked especially as thumbnails only appear for photoshoots and not video content on the model info page. Of course videos can be accessed from the Video menu in the left pane. Further down the model page members can leave a comment or feedback.


Photographically SuperGlam is up there with the finest purveyors of softcore content on the net. Imagery is sharp, and well thought out. There is nothing groundbreaking here just solid honest pictures of beautifully naked girls. Click on a model set and you will be greeted by a mass of thumbnails, ordinarily these enlarge in the same window, however, SuperGlam’s open up in a new window, whereby the slideshow can be initiated. Top right is a drop down menu for downloading in Zip format in one of three resolution sizes 1000 (lo), 2000, (mid) and 4000 (hi). Unfortunately not all the sets are Zip-ready (for want of a better phrase) so you’ll have to be patient until the owners address this. Having said that full Zips are readily available from the main Photoshoots model page as opposed the enlarged photos window (hope you understood that?!).


I wouldn’t recommend using a download manager to do this either because it just downloads the ’page’ and not the Zip file! A photo set is composed of between 50-150+ images which is acceptable as most models have at least 4 sets each. You do the maths - it adds up to lots of photos!


Video content is smaller in quantity but good on quality. There are over 200 videos available in MPEG format only. These can be streamed or downloaded in 16 small segments or in full movie length (average of 10 minutes long). Excellent quality and no annoying music on the videos I watched, thank fuck!


Not only do you get some superb professional content, oh no, but lots of extras too. Live Cams Shows are featured daily. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday there is one show per day, Thursday, Friday and Sunday two shows per day and Saturday three shows per day, all free to members where you can interact and ask the performers to do all sorts of lewd acts (sounds fucking brilliant to me!).


Though I did search high and low for a support section I couldn’t find one from within the members area itself, however there is one here should you experience an issue.


Other worthy features include original Casting videos and some excellent behind the scenes footage and photos under the heading Backstage. There are also some video interviews and 12 quality bonus feeds ranging from Teenage Whores to Slutty Squirters (oh yes, you can’t beat a Slutty Squirter!).


SuperGlam really is Super Glamour at its best. Its not pretentious, its not trying to appeal to everyone by having 50 rubbish bonus sites hanging on its arm. Its softcore, its nudity, its updated weekly, its what its all about. Highly recommended and up there with the leading lights.


Membership is a straightforward $29.95 for 30 days access or $59.95 for 90 days.


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