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Reviewed 18 April 2010


Whoever this gal is, she has a smart agent - naming her site SuicideScarlett definitely catches your attention. The big question is: does the site live up to the name? Well, yes and no. "No" because there's not much content here: 10 videos and 21 photo galleries, with no updating for quite awhile. And "yes" (in a way) because she is an edgy teen redheaded vixen who loves to play with her pigtails (among other things), and if you dig tats and piercings, you'll enjoy her body art, particularly the large gun tattoo on her lower belly. Of course, she's certainly not the only babe in porn with ink, but she does seem to be a hot little freak, and her petite bod with pierced nipples and clit will certainly not bore you. The best news is that SuicideScarlett is part of the VIP Network of sites which focus on fetish content such as lactation (, preggo (, rough sex (, and much more, plus access to a ton of live webcams and other extras as part of their bonus content, so I would imagine they've included Scarlett in their line-up because she is different, fitting well with their overall theme.


The main Member's area here is very easy to navigate. The top portion shows links to the VIP network, with "VIP Members", What's New, Sites, Webcam and Chat, Extras, and Customer Support. What's New is where you'll go to easily locate the updates available at VIP. The network always has a steady stream of fresh porno rolling in from their various sites.


Beneath that are links to Scarlett's Videos and Pictures. There are links to webcam and chat which I hoped would be live camshows with her, unfortunately that didn't seem to be the case, so as far as I can determine, she isn't actively doing camshows at this time. Too bad, she certainly looks like a natural for some kinky live interaction. She doesn't have a blog, twitter, or other popular features that make for a good solo girl site. Again, unfortunate because I'm sure Scarlett has a lot of naughty things on her mind!


I really wanted to give Scarlett a chance to strut her stuff, so I checked out most of the 10 vids at her site. Two of them "Grinding Lap Dance" and "Happy Ending" show her on top of a guy grinding her panty-covered crotch against his cock until they both cum. Not too bad really, POV style with the emphasis on her lapdance action. You'll probably find these to be the most exciting stuff here. It's actually not something you see very often in porn, nice change of pace from the usual sucking/fucking and plenty of opportunity to view her tight titties and young bod while rubbing. Running time averages around 5 minutes or so for most of her vids.


Another somewhat "different" offering is entitled "It's 4:20 time" where we see her smoking medical marijuana. She shows off her pussy a bit while she gets mellow on her legal ganja. Again, not something you see every day, so for that reason alone, it is somewhat kinky and interesting. She does a brief pee vid "On The Potty". Not much of a graphic nature, just a little sound of tinkling while she sits on the toilet. "Rack Attack" is a short titty video of her playing and kneading her pierced boobies, which she says was a viewer request. Finally, I previewed a strange one called "Balloon Fun" with her rubbing her crotch and riding a balloon which I was afraid would pop with a gigantic blast before she did lol.


Even though Scarlett looks like a hardcore gal, there's no fucking, no lesbian and nothing that could be construed as XXX by any means.


Videos can be downloaded in WMV only with no streaming or clips. I found the video quality to be very good.


Her photo galleries are also quite good - huge full screen hi-res pics that'll give you the opportunity to see her pierced clit and tats at close-range. She poses in various outfits, from vamp to teen to glam, showing off her unique style and personality. They aren't in zip file or slideshow so you'll have to download individually if there's anything of Scarlett you want to save to your private stash for another day.


Basically, this is one of those sites you'll take a spin through as a member of the VIP network after you've sampled some of their more substantial offerings. Obviously, this site isn't worth the price of membership all on its own but as part of a larger network, it's an interesting bit of "filler". She does have a hot and special pouty "look", especially if you like the combination of redhead teen vixen with a beautiful body and crazy tats. Maybe one of these days the content of the site will fully match its provocative hardcore title! When that day cums... watch out!


Membership: One Month: $24.95; Three Months: $49.95; Six Months: $89.95. Join by credit card, phone (US only), or anonymously with Netcash.


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