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Reviewed 09 November 2009


As one door closes another one opens. Having recently completed reviews of and I was contacted directly by Michael White, the photographic genius behind the imagery at said sites. Was I in for an ear bashing? A wrap over the knuckles for something I wrote? No, in fact it was an invitation to peruse his latest offering. Michael explained that ‘this’ site was a bit different - ‘nichey’ - a coming together of British slapstick (for want of a better word) and glam. His actual words were its Benny Hill meets St Trinians, meets Only Tease! Having been brought up on a unhealthy diet of Benny Hill through the not so swinging seventies this conjured up one mental image… STOCKINGS AND SUSPENDERS… mmmm and cavorting schoolgirls (18+ of course). He hit the nail firmly on the head with the description. This is top notch erotic fantasy, set within a fictional English girls school… St Mackenzies Institute of Learning (not that much learning seems to be had).


Its brand new, 100% original and wow factor exclusive. Its absolutely gorgeous and features a bevy of British totty, no, I’ll go as far as to say it’s more a fountain overflowing with the very finest models - the crème de la crème - pulled from the UK glamour scene. If you adore British models this will surpass expectations. The guys here have used their expertise to gather the most beautiful darlings currently on the soft-circuit and photographically capture them as only they can - exquisitely.


I really dig this site. If you know your porn onions you’ll have figured out by now that there is a clue in the name of this site… Mackenzie… recognise it? Okay, well done, no detention for you, that’s correct Mackenzie is pretty well known over here (and further a field). A stunning natural blonde babe with legs up to her armpits. Just so happens she is also the Headmistress here at St Mackenzies and a partner in this very site.


I’ll explain a bit more about the ‘school’ setup. Well, first off you’d expect there to be teachers and pupils right? Well, no gold stars awarded - its too obvious - and yes there are. Crikey what I do for you folks knows no bounds - I have actually typed out all the babes featured starting with the St Mackenzies staff lineup: Headmistress Mackenzie, Matron Jenny, Miss Elise, Miss Elle, Miss FiFi, Miss Hayley, Miss Keira, Miss Louise, Miss Michelle, Miss Millicent, Miss Monica, Miss Nadia, Miss Nicola, Miss Nikki, Miss Sarah and Secretary Rachel. Lots of well known names in there. The pupils are: Amy Alexandra, Amy Green, Candice Collyer, Carole Hunt, Catherine Callicott, Cat O’Connell, Charlotte-Louise Johnson, Chloe Granger (Head Girl), Emma-Claire Jones, Faye Tasker, Helen Carter, Holly Newberry, Jade-Victoria Price, Kate Stroud, Katie Harte, Lora Leigh, Lucy-Anne Brooks, Nicola Rocco, Rachael Boden, Ruby Jones, Stevie-Louise Ritchie and Teta-Maria Stone. Again some familiar names crop up so you can see this ‘school’ is heaving with lovely babes and more are being enrolled as we speak. Marvellous! Before I move on, I have spent a few weeks on and off looking at the photos and videos and came across what I believe to be the first images of Lucy-Anne Brooks with her pussy showing (nice!). I know she has many fans so if you want to take a peek, best get yourself a pass forthwith!


It’d be fair to say that there are more photo galleries than videos at present but that’s not a bad thing. The images are truly fantastic and bloody massive measuring up at 2325x3500 pixels. As expected the quality is on par with Michael’s previous work - perfectly executed as always. Movies are good too in terms of quality and length.


Using a school backdrop means scene scenarios are almost endless, albeit stereotypical (which is not bad thing I must confess). Just think about it. Lots of sexy teachers, tonnes of rebellious young pupils, a archetypal matron figure (‘played’ perfectly by the curvaceous Jenkins), in fact thinking about it, this could be a risqué remake of a classic British ‘Carry On’ film and no mistake!


Classroom settings abound but these sexy students aren’t confined all day with some of the more naughty girls nipping off for a crafty fag (not sure its behind the bike sheds but hey ho, jolly hockey sticks and all that!). Getting the cane has never looked so good either. There are significant multi girl scenes too, and similar to the solo girl sets they involve a lot of teasing, stripping to full frontal nude or semi naked to keep you wanting more. And more you’ll most definitely want.


The overall site experience is very pleasant. Not much to the navigation to be honest, fairly basic but easy to get around once you familiarize yourself. There is an active Forum where members can discuss ‘school’ life with Headmistress Mackenzie which helps keeps the interaction angle alive.


Top marks for continuing the tradition at Breath-Takers and Girl Folio whereby members can still download everything: direct downloads for WMV movies and all photo sets nicely zipped up.


Content quantity is very good especially as this is such a new venture. Most girls have in excess of two galleries or movies so that a lot of content to wade through already. Twice weekly updates means it wont be long before the archive becomes massive.


This is a very nice distraction kind of site - makes a welcome change from some of the less original content that is floating around and I LOVE it. Whether it’s a down the blouse voyeur shot or erotic up skirt - catching a glimpse of nylon clad thigh or unsubtle bright red knicker flash - you won’t be disappointed - it puts the ‘pro’ in professional. There is so much more to this site but its one thing that makes it stand out… ORIGINALITY and that’s why its my site of the month for November 2009.


At just $25.00 for 30 days (recurring) access there is definitely no need for any swotting up to make the grade either! Go on, enroll today - become a teachers pet, you know you want to!


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