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Reviewed 20 May 2010


So here we are again with a site in similar vein to albeit with a few differences (but not many). Back to back big tit reviews, can’t be bad! Today’s big ole bosoms are firmly attached to a Miss September Carrino and while not quite as mind numbingly massive as Miss Aldana’s, they are still very nice womanly specimens, swaying in at a titillating 28F (which according to huge tit experts is quite rare in as much as the ‘28’ (inch) bit means her under bust band size is tiny - in turn this makes her wobbly bits look even bigger, I think).


Anyway, I’m not overly familiar with September Carrino other than she is a SoCal girl with Playboy credentials (cover girl back in 2008 I seem to remember). Her modelling style is pinup/lingerie/glamour/topless posing and she doesn’t do any hard stuff. That said I did glimpse a bit of dark pussy hair in a handful of photo sets/videos thus spoiling the sun bleached beach babe blonde illusion somewhat (ah well). Her boobies are all natural despite their helium-esque inflated appearance which distinctly adds kudos to a big boob site. is run and maintained by the same company that owns and, so members are guaranteed excellent quality images and HD movies (960x540) but alas no bonus material. There are many things I like about all three sites: they are all professionally designed, look the business and work well. The main negative is the way the content is split into small parts so you have to wait days, weeks and even months to complete a photo set or video. It is the way a lot of sites work but it still leaves me feeling a little cheated especially when content ‘numbers’ are not exactly heaving like the tits on show. The saving grace is the fact that the quality is so good (photos up to 3000x2250 resolution) and you get a reasonable amount of images per set (20+) for example.


This site has been actively updated since October 2008 with a new set/movie every week or so. Currently 127 movies and 107 photo sets reside in the sexy archive, which is not huge by some standards but fairly good for a solo girl portal. Videos are available in WMV HD, MOV, MPG-4 and Flash formats and can be downloaded as can the photo sets in zip files.


Because it’s a fan based site a lot of the movies take the form of webcam diary entries. I was expecting some pretty boring model-to-camera, yawn, yawn, type action but I was pleasantly surprised to see September getting it on, stripping and flashing her landing strip as well as rubbing her perfectly erect (and pierced) nipples and err well generally squishing and massaging her supple titties to maximum effect (nice!).


Fans can ask September a question under the aptly named link ‘Ask September’ which looks more exciting than it is (it turns out to be just an internal email messaging thingy doh). Its something I guess. As with Rachel’s site a forum would be an ideal way to kick start the interaction aspect but what do I know?!


I like September, she comes across as a friendly, genuine gal that enjoys her work and fan base. She is indeed very sexy and her dairy domes got me more than a little excited despite this being quiet soft material - posing in bikinis/lingerie predominantly but also tiny shirts and vests to accentuate her top half. Hey big tit fans I take it this is what you want though? Me, I’d prefer a little more pussy (ding dong) even if its not explicit stuff.


Monthly join rates are tiered and priced accordingly - the longer you join the cheaper the monthly deal (currently 3 months costs the equivalent of $16.66 per month). Check it out if melon bouncing boobies hit the spot!


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