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Reviewed 20 March 2010


Its one extreme to another this week. A few days ago I was on one of the hardest UK porn sites ( and in total contrast, I’m now on one of the softest UK porn sites! is an ultra nichey site appealing to fans of erotica and the lingerie fetish. Its not a new site having been established in 2006. That’s always a good sign, in as much as its kept going and expanding.


I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one. I really like softcore sites with a whiff of the good old days. You know grassroots ‘adult’, old skool as I always say. Its 100% non pretentious photo galleries and video, nothing more nothing less and it just works. Its not the sort of site you are going to see models with their legs spread open - its true to the spirit of silk and satin fun. What you will see is 169 pretty young models posing in just about every imaginable silk or satin item of clothing ranging from blouses, skirts, vibrant oriental dresses, slips, chemise, nighties, knickers, bras, stockings and suspenders/garters. Its all very alluring observing these girls with all that smooth figure hugging material draping their gorgeous bodies, accentuating their pointy nipples amongst other things! I must confess there isn’t much tit on show and pussy is a definite no, no - there is plenty of panty glimpses though.


This is a proverbial no frills site. Navigation is bare minimum with just Home, Photo Galleries, Our Videos, Our Models, Forum and Contact Us forming the entire site menu. Its all extremely easy to get around and I encountered no issues at all. No need for anything else really.


Content quantity is good, no VERY good. There are currently 299 WMV/MPG/MOV format 3-5 minute long videos to download or view online and from what I sampled they are very good quality productions. The latest WMV movies are the finest quality coming in at 960x540 whereas the earliest not quite so good (352x288). Its all posing and coy looks to camera - short and sweet. Brit accent lovers will also get off on this aspect!


Photos are similarly composed - crisp and clear high resolution. View online via the very good slideshow tool or download to add to your collection. There are currently 273 photo sets and include between 50 and 400 images per set. Scanning the archive I’d say the average is 50 images per set, which is not bad at all.


The owners of this site have an active Forum area where members can discuss content and also request a particular shoot or item of clothing (or whatever, imagination is key).


This isn’t going to appeal to out and out porn fans but for the erotic semi clothed lingerie niche market its just about perfect especially with new content being added every few days. A 30 day membership to costs an industry standard $24.95 which is fair based on the solid unique content.


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