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Reviewed 02 October 2009


Comparing with a similar nylon rich site is like saying a machined cigar smokes better than a fat handmade Montecristo rolled on the supple yet firm thigh of a young Cuban girlie, it doesn’t and in my opinion nothing comes close to the erotic charms Sabrina displays. She understands her audience and gives them what they want… sexy sensual stockings, stockings and more stockings!


Sabrina has been knocking around for years. That sounded rude, sorry, it wasn’t intended. Its just that she is part of the amateur nylon establishment these days and should be the first port of call for any stocking fetishist. Sabrina is in her mid thirties - she is English and ever so slightly geeky in appearance - sporting small rimmed glasses in all her pictures and videos. That adds a degree of Miss perfect mistress about her which flows through the site. She treats her devotees as beneath her (she is a bit snooty to be honest) and deep down I just know she wants us stockings fans to bow down at her luscious nylon clad legs and heap praise like the second coming.


Its fair to say that most sites kicking around supply two things: pictures and video. Sure there is more to it than that but generally speaking its what content is. However at you are in for a treat especially if you enjoy erotic stories. Sabrina is quite a prolific writer and has currently written 47 short tales about her personal adventures. Of course the theme is stockings and lingerie. Some would appear to be taken from real life situations - she loves to tease men on trains and such like by flashing her stockings in a most un ladylike manner!


Content is exceptional - very good quality photography and 100% exclusive amateur fair. There are currently 253 picture sets with the latest offering up to 200 images per gallery. Unfortunately there are no zip files and if you attempt to right click ‘save picture as…’ you can’t - its disabled for copyright protection.


Video quantity is significantly lower with 57 currently (at time of review) available to download and watch. Quality is a bit ‘nineties’ with an average looking 640x480 resolution. That said these 10 minute or so videos offer up some enticing footage and I happened across a very arousing video of Sabrina masturbating. Shock horror, I hear you cry, well if you know Sabrina she doesn’t show a lot of pussy or tit, in fact she is one big bloody tease, so it was marvelous to get a close and personal look at her smoothly shaven gooey pussy believe me.


Uniforms feature heavily at this site (don’t worry she wears stockings with all). Secretary and business lady sets (short skirts and white blouses) are in abundance though French maids, atypical housewife and school girl sets spice things up. In one of the recent sets Sabrina dons a Nazi uniform to interview prospective slaves (look no panties boys!). How’s that for originality?! Sabrina has a mighty fine collection of undergarments in all shades and colours ranging from retro suspenders/garters/knickers for the authentic 40’s look, right through to current lingerie styles. Classic upskirts imagery is what I wanted to see and there was lots of that. There are some outdoor shoots of Sabrina in her garden exposing her best bits but primarily its indoor sets.


All in all a cracking little site.


The only negative is the current WordPress Blog style layout, its not the easiest to get around and its all too easy to get lost. This is to be rectified soon with a new site look so stay tuned for that - I’ll update ASAP.


Anyway, 30 days access will cost you $29.95 and I think it is bang on the money considering the exclusivity and niche appeal Sabrina has. Check it out NOW!


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