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Reviewed 23 January 2010


This is a bit of a dream assignment - having the opportunity to review I mean. Its almost like leafing through a lingerie catalogue in ones youth, you know sticky cock in one hand busily scanning each page trying to glimpse a bit of nipple or pussy hair to ease those aching balls! And to be honest I took the same approach here, albeit not needing to delve to deep to find way more explicit imagery all bundled up with a distinctly retro feel not only in terms of the stunning lingerie, corsets, stockings and suspender belts but sepia settings and website design in general. (which also goes under the name so don‘t be confused, its identical) is the brainchild of Eve, a figurehead pinup model, born in Italy but now living in Germany. Eve not only runs this and a few other nylon niche sites (which I’ll be reviewing very soon - see links below), but features in the majority of scenes. She certainly is something special, she exudes sexy naughtiness from every pore and really knows how to please her audience, with some of the most exciting cock teasing I‘ve ever seen. With more than a passing resemblance to actress Joan Collins, Eve fits in the classy MILF bracket, but boy has she got a body to match any 20 year old! Very big perfect tits topped with huge nipples and fleshy pussy lips to die for - I wanted to gobble her inner charms down like a fresh oyster! Did I forget to mention her ass? I did, rest assured its peachy just how it should be taught and ripe for fucking!


I should also mention that Eve is not alone, oh no. There are quite a few lovely looking women in their own solo or two girl sets. Lady Diana caught my eye as did the voluptuous Paulina. We are not talking out and out hardcore, more erotica, posing pinup style and teasing with bosom touching and pussy rubbing. I must confess to being pleasantly surprised that the content here is not tame softcore, some of the movies and photos are pretty graphic which is what we want, I‘m sure you‘ll agree? I wanted to see inside these girls knickers and imagine licking their luscious wet pink pussies and in that respect this site ranks higher than similar offerings.


Okay I’ve mentioned content so what exactly do you get? Site design is uncomplicated and although a touch amateur its fit for purpose. Navigation is situated at the top and comprises a menu leading to the photo archive (split per annum - 2006-to-present), movies and Eve’s sexy diary (full of erotic prose). Content itself is within a ‘frame’ which works surprisingly well considering the dated technology employed.


Content is predominantly photographic (which I adore so that’s brilliant), but there are movies and they are very good too. Currently there are 192 photo sets, close to, but not quite high resolution throughout. Set quantity varies across the archive but 60-120 pictures per set is commonplace and you can either download the entire set in zip file or peruse the complete gallery online. Its simply laid out with no slideshow option and each photo pops up in a new window so be sure to close each one in turn for fear of being overwhelmed by multiple browser pages! There are some classically inspired settings - sepia toned - harking back to the good old days pre colour to add that authentic retro experience.


Movies are in WMV format affording a resolution of 640x480, which although dated by today’s super enhanced HD format, is still standard at similar sites. That said they are good quality, well lit and do the job they were intended to do, i.e. make you cum, time and time again! Average length being around the 8-10 minute mark. Slowly undressing and masturbation is the order of the day and I found them a turn on (I almost blew my load when Eve opened her legs and started fingering her wet pussy!).


Special mention should be made of the theme here at Retro-Queens. The underwear employed is 100% genuine vintage apparel (or mighty fine reproduction). Its like being magically transported back in time to the 1950’s with every click. One minute its vivid pink girdles, next an ivory corset or frilly sheer panties (or both!). If you are a fan of lingerie sites and the finer qualities that classic under garments afford then you will appreciate the lengths Eve and her friends have gone to. I mean, I’d never heard of some of the stockings brands before I visited so it was a revelation to me. One for the connoisseurs most definitely.


Summing up, this sites has so much going for it. Heels, luxury stockings, legs clad in stockings, girdles, corsets, panties, multi belt suspenders/garters, see through knickers it has it all. Top quality nylon niche site make no mistake.


Membership costs $28.46 for 30 days access which recurs at just $21.75 every 30 days thereafter. Higher than average though still very good value considering the sites appeal and niche.


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