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Reviewed 19 May 2010


Big squishy tits is today’s subject. Scratch that… ‘big’ just doesn’t cut it. Fucking gigantic, enormous, humongous jugs (now thats better). In fact the bouncing boobies belonging to Rachel Aldana look more like a couple of Zeppelins having a fist fight at two paces or ripe watermelons waiting to be lapped up compared to the average set of love lumps. If you haven’t already figured out this is a big boob site or a solo girl boob site to be precise.


I like to go the extra mile as you know and while researching I uncovered some interesting facts about her mega mammaries. Firstly this British gal was the winner of the much coveted title ‘Biggest Boobs in Britain’ courtesy of The Sun newspaper’s Page 3 competition, which ultimately led to her modelling fulltime. Later on, her all natural tits had her inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for the sheer size of her bosom. With all this talk about size, we should get down to bra measurements. I have seen numerous reports that her busty bits fill a 32JJ cup while other sources indicate these have grown to the ‘K’ bracket, either way and all you need to know is they are whoppers with prefect nipples atop like cherries on an iced bun.


Anyway, Rachel as you can see is a pretty curvy brunette who specialises in pinup and glamour  modelling. Don’t expect any views of her pussy (or arse for that matter) as you won’t get any. This is pure topless fun. Shame in a way because I’d love to see a bit more of Rachel, but then again I am a top perv and love admiring girly cracks.


Okay… this site was born in late 2008 and shows off her charms most admirably. We have a delectable series of photo sets (currently 107) and 127 videos split between excellent quality HD and lesser quality web cam style diary entries. The photos are breathtakingly huge in terms of resolution (3000x2250) so no complaints there but all the content is carved up into small sets (watered down if you like) and updates take the form of additional sets to add to each volume. I don’t like this approach to be honest - I’d rather have a full set NOW not next week or next month. But that’s how it is. Videos are available in WMV HD, MOV, MPG-4 and Flash formats and can be downloaded as can the photo sets in zip files.


I get the feeling this site is supposed to appeal to fans. However the lack of direct site interaction severely hampers that, sure you can email Rachel, but an active forum would help. Also and no offence intended but I’d never heard of her before I got the pass into this site. Rachel seems to have been on a bit of a sabbatical when it comes to Diary entries with erratic updates though she seems to have that in hand now (the diary section needs updating as it gives the impression the last one was in July 2009!). Overall though her site updates at a fairly good weekly pace taking the form of new photo or video parts (including webcam entries).


Site design and navigation is competent and visually impressive. No major gripes. Action is distinctly tame with uninspired posing in a variety of settings being the order of the day. I’d have preferred a little more teasing, perhaps a bit of implied nude work to get my dong aroused but then again its all about personal taste and for a topless site its passable.


You don’t get any freebies with this site so you’ll have to be a BIG fan to get your money’s worth in my opinion. As a big boob site goes it does exactly what its meant to - exclusive views of Rachel’s all natural titties and from that angle it has a certain appeal. $19.95 is what it takes to get through the door for 30 days. Incidentally Rachel can also be seen at so that might be worth a look if you are a fan of large chesticles.


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