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Reviewed 13 June 2010


If you live in the UK, stay up late, and are a perv like me you’ll not doubt have come across one or more of the live TV sex chat channels. You know how it is? Boredom sets in and you find yourself flicking up and down the box until you hit some tit! Well, for all those not in the UK one of the better channels is Babestation (Sky Ch 906/Freeview Ch 94-96) which features well known glamour totty talking to viewers via a premium rate phone number long into the wee small hours. It can get quite steamy at times as the ’hostess’ can be found cavorting with her jugs out and sticking her arse provocatively up in the air. And while broadcast restrictions prohibit pussy (worst luck) you sometimes get an inadvertent peek of landing strip and or flaps (yes, I watch it a lot!).


Anyway, one of the most stunning babes to hit our screens over the last couple of years is the ultra gorgeous Tiffany. It comes as no surprise to me that she has become quite a star, with her alluring brunette locks, stunning figure, fuck my pussy hard eyes and gigantic dairy domes. As a result the guys at Babestation have set her up with a fan style website titled which unsurprisingly we are looking at today.


Visually Tiff’s site ticks the right boxes and stuff works as advertised. Navigationally there really isn’t a lot to it with just Home, Pictures, Videos, Webcam and Blog as the menu options. So basically we are dealing with just photo and video sections as the webcam link leads off to a third party pay per chat setup and Tiffany’s Blog - though archived from October 2008 - has ebbed away over recent months with the latest post being March 2010, which is all too common at fan sites.


The home page displays all the latest photos and videos and I wasn’t expecting a great deal of content however once I clicked the ‘Pictures’link I was rewarded with a very decent selection of 100% exclusive shoots of Tiffany in all states of undress. In fact, and forgive me for errors with counting, but there are close on 160 photo sets and judging from hair colouring and what not they seem to go back to Tiffany’s earliest modeling stints. Some even show this naturally born brunette with a striking blonde barnet! There is great diversity as well, be it your standard fair of stockings and suspenders (aka lingerie sets) to see-thru shower scenes, topless in jeans, bikinis, two girl sets with Charlie and Amanda and totally in the buff, plus scenes with a banana, sausages and pink rabbit dildo (the latter are not hardcore but fucking hot all the same - you can suck my sausage any day Tiffany!). Fans of Tiffany maybe wondering if she shows all? Well, I can confirm that she does and though not exactly graphic you do get to see her pussy crack at times. There are options to download each high resolution set in a zip file, view via slideshow or simply view the gallery as is. Excellent quality pictures make no mistake.


38 videos are contained in the movie vault and to be fair these are short with the longest being just over 3 minutes, the majority are 30 second clips, so don’t expect feature length videos because there aren’t any. Content is primarily solo babe posing, stripping, plus some excerpts with her sexy blonde pal Charlie (who is a girl I should add). One video shows Tiffany rubbing her pussy while viewing her own site (shame that one wasn’t longer!). Quality of the MPEG4 videos is very good (DVD quality) and the streaming mega fast.


This is a softcore ‘tits out for the lads’ type site and based on that premise it works perfectly. Sure there aren’t many videos so remember you are buying into the picture content alone. As fan sites go its not a bad offering at all and bearing in mind this is the ONLY place you’ll see this material, £22.50 (note this is GBP not USD) per month seems pretty reasonable to me. If you are in love with Tiffany there is only one thing to do… join today!


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Tiffany - Babestation
Tiffany - Babestation
Tiffany - Babestation
Tiffany - Babestation
Tiffany - Babestation