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Reviewed 06 December 2010


If you see as much porn as I do, you’ll understand that it has its downsides. And no, I don’t mean my knob is about to fall off due to excessive tugging or I’ve got a serious case of “wankers wrist”, its just that the major porn companies utilise the same bunch of pornstars week in, week out - to be frank it can get rather tiresome. What I really fancy today is some new blood, some new crack and definitely some new tits. Funnily enough, my journey through Playboy’s small softcore series led me to the holy grail - yep, this site is full of fresh faces and it just so happens to be called!


As you will recall I reviewed the other day and really enjoyed it. Visually this is a carbon copy, albeit with new amateur hotties plucked from obscurity to premiere at the Playboy mansion’s temple of lust. It all flows sweetly and looks fucking gorgeous to boot. I can hardly believe my porn weary eyes, but every newbie is an absolute stunner, totally picture perfect, not a single hair out of place. If you like your babes streamlined and pubeless you’ll adore the way every pussy is waxed to give a distinctly Barbie Doll airbrushed look. Me, I prefer a hairy beaver but that’s another story.


We have all seen a copy of Playboy magazine at some stage in our lives and this is the modern day equivalent - that said it still retains its 100% classic bunny feel though. Its solid glamour with beautiful babes stripping out of their lushly vibrant lingerie and posing around looking fucking hot and for a softcore site that’s where its at.


Each chick as her own short bio, plus links to her content, split between photo sets (titled Pictorial One, Two etc) and videos. The picture quality is awesome and each zip file contains 25+ high resolution images to save to your hard drive.


As would be expected from suck an esteemed company, plentiful video formats are provided ranging from High Definition Windows Media (1920x1080) to iPod, not forgetting, Flash and Standard versions also - all available to stream or download. Of course, HD quality is second to none and while they are only short 2-5 min flicks, they are still well worth saving.


There are 45 fresh faces on the site at any given time with older material moved to the network server. You can still enjoy all those babes too, simply scroll down the page to “Playboy Girls Network Most Recent Updates” and select from the two year archive. As content numbers go each babe generally has two photo galleries and two videos making 90+ pic/movie (plus the archive material).


Members can expect at least two updates per month sometimes more, plus there is a ton of top notch fare courtesy of the bonus sites: Playboy's All Naturals, Playboy's Busty Babes, Playboy's Sexy Wives and Playboy's Student Bodies.


Membership costs just $19.87 for 30 days unrestricted access which is a steal considering all that’s on offer. Treat yourself to some classy Playboy babes - you won’t be disappointed.


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