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Reviewed 24 January 2011


The last time I visited Playboy, I had the pleasure of reviewing their “All Natural” model collection, whereas today I’m looking at some of their more “artificially enhanced” sisters at  Hey, I should point out (no pun intended), I’m not totally against silicone tits, in fact sometimes a big ole pair of fantasy balloons can hit the spot now and again, its just I prefer soft squishy boobs as opposed to hard, weird shaped ones! Anyway, before I go off on a dairy dome tangent, this site is a best of both worlds experience, because although there are a fair few nipple toppers that wouldn’t look out of place on the Cape Canaveral launch pad, a good proportion of girl lumps still fall firmly into the “natural” category.


These aren’t the biggest breasts I’ve ever seen, but they are a handful make no mistake - I’ve never been a one to know my C cup from my double-D, just relying on my eye to know what’s big and what’s not! Rest assured these beauties all sport sizeable melons and at the same time are totally typical of Playboy’s long established heritage - beautiful and flawless examples of womankind. The same applies to the quality and presentation. I love Playboy and the online version is just as stunning with razor sharp imagery that will leave you truly speechless.


Content and layout follows the format of all previous Playboy sites I’ve looked at, so expect to find 45 models at any given time with a new babe added every two weeks. Each time new stuff is added, an old piece is removed to the network server, and while these models sets cannot be accessed directly from the individual site they can still be found by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and selecting individual content from “Playboy Girls Network Most Recent Updates”. Shame its not all in one place but at least its still kicking about somewhere!


Each and every busty chick has her own bio page and a list of her content - split between photo sets (titled Pictorial One, Two etc) and movies. The picture gallery quality is pretty good, but outstanding if you download the zip files which contain 25-30 or so high resolution images (large or medium formats are available).


Movie formats range from High Definition Windows Media (1920x1080) to iPod, not forgetting, Flash and Standard versions to boot - all available to stream or download. Of course, HD quality is easily the best quality and while the flicks may only be short (2-5 minutes long), they are still well worth downloading.


An impressive collection of 100% exclusive bonus sites are included with your membership such as, Playboy's All Naturals, Playboys Fresh Faces, Playboy's Sexy Wives and Playboy's Student Bodies. It can all be yours for just $19.87 for 30 days access, which is a stellar deal in my opinion.


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