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Reviewed 08 January 2011


When I saw that Playboy had a site that featured “all naturals”, I got rather excited. I make no bones about it, I prefer babes that haven’t had their tits pumped up to 75psi, or their lips shaped into some sort of freaky heart shaped pillow. Also I like proper old fashioned meat curtains, you know big ole flaps that you can suck on. It might be too much to ask that these chicks leave a few pubes around their front crack but hey ho you can’t have everything right?


Anyway, so far so good. I have been perusing for a few days and can put my hand on my heart and say, yep, these girls are all natural (barring some small tattoos worst luck). No signs of hideous plastic surgery though or gravity defying tits that displace time and space, these chicks are about as good as it gets - the real deal. Funnily enough I was still kinda expecting girls with huge bra busting hooters, as most “natural“ sites boast such content, but overall the ladies featured are surprisingly average to small with just the odd sweetie sporting big uns. Not that I’m complaining, oh no, these are atypical Playboy fluff and look absolutely gorgeous PERIOD.


Content and layout follows the format of all previous Playboy sites I’ve looked at, so expect 45 models at any given time with a new babe added every two weeks. What happens to babes #46, #47 etc  I hear you cry? Well, they get moved off the site to the network server and can only be accessed by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and selecting individual content from “Playboy Girls Network Most Recent Updates”. Pity all the relevant material to each site isn’t kept together but that’s life - could be worse!


Each all natural chick as her own short bio, plus links to her content, split between photo sets (titled Pictorial One, Two etc) and videos. The picture gallery quality is good, but even better if you download the zip files which contain 25+ high resolution images (choose between large or medium formats).


Playboy provide, plentiful video formats ranging from High Definition Windows Media (1920x1080) to iPod, not forgetting, Flash and Standard versions also - all available to stream or download. Of course, HD quality is the fucking bollocks and while the flicks may only be short (2-5 minutes long), they are still well worth watching and will get you off.


An impressive array of bonus sites included with membership include: Playboys Fresh Faces, Playboy's Sexy Wives and Playboy's Student Bodies.


No one does softcore better than Playboy and that level of excellence has transposed itself online. $19.87 for 30 days unrestricted access is an absolute bargain.


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