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Reviewed 13 May 2010


I think I love just as much as the guys and gals that run it! You’d think by now I’d be a little jaded having reviewed so many panty sites recently (see and, but no, this is pure gusset ecstasy. I’m a big fan of lingerie type sites especially those that feature upskirts and erotica rather than bog standard, girl-strips-nude-pussy shot-job done type sites. A little left to the imagination is often a bigger turn on don’t you think? My knob thinks so anyway. Well, that’s a bit like Its panty focused and doesn’t deviate - all the girls are wearing ‘em and they tease you from every angle. They don’t do in your face explicit piss flaps wide open or take cock deep in their pink but that’s okay with me. That said if you look close enough you might just be surprised at what you can see through some girls knickers (mmmm nice!).


I think I’m safe saying that this site is a bit of a legend in pantland. Its been online forever (well 2005 or so) and is a panty lovers dream come true. Firstly though I have a gripe. Okay… entering the site… hmmm you’d think this was a movies only site, because the limited navigational menu comprising Home, Girls, Movies, Forum, Requests/Links and Contacts makes no mention of possible photo galleries. I thought this was bit odd but nevertheless continued. I love photo galleries don’t ask me why so I was obviously a little disappointed. HOWEVER… and read this carefully… there ARE photo galleries and I’m not talking a few… 1000+ (with 100+ images per set) but they hidden away and not listed in the site menu! To find them you need to click on the ’Girls’ link and then click a Model to uncover the individual gems. That seems a bit arse about tit if you ask me and I really hope this can be changed and the content duly segregated. As always its not the end of the fucking world and definitely not like sitting on a jelly fish at a naturist beach but its weird and doesn’t flow as well as it could for such a fantastic site.


Anyway that’s today’s moan out of the way. Everything else is as it should be. Links are few and far between and need no explanation. There is also a search engine (handy). Content is king and boy do you get a lot for your money. Currently there are 1009 movies and similar numbers if not more of photo galleries. There are some well known British models and a lot of what could best be described as girl-next-door amateurs. 313 lovelies to be precise in all shapes, sizes and hair colour. Age range is almost exclusively teens-to-twenties with the odd sexy MILF.


Movies formats are WMV (almost HD), MPG and MPEG-4 for iPod. Of course these vary in quality in that order from excellent to average but that’s to be expected (obviously don’t watch an iPod version on a 24 inch monitor duh!). Download and streaming options are available for all three formats. Generally the run time is 3 to 9 minutes per video.


Photo galleries are high resolution, crisp and clear. View online using the slide show tool or download to keep and I think you will want to store them for cold lonely nights.


Action comprises of solo posing and stripping to almost nude (tits exposed) keeping the panties on as they are the star attraction. Talking of which just about every panty style is served up all nice and warm be that bikini style, silk, satin, nylon, cotton, lace and g-strings/thongs. If there is something not on the site (ie polka dot or whatever) use the links to request a particular style/shoot.


It all adds up to a fine collection and one which lingerie fans will lap up, you’d have to be a maniac not too (crap pun I know). Despite the photo gallery placement issue its still a rewarding site and thoroughly recommended. Its 100% British and definitely a site worth joining for more than a month. A daily download limit of 5 GB is in place but the site does update daily to counter this marginal negative!


Membership costs $24.95 for 30 days or $65.95 for 90. The latter makes most sense to me but as always choose according to your budget.


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