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Reviewed 29 August 2011


Girls next door wearing pantyhose is the premise at this site and therefore it will come as no great surprise that its called! You can’t beat a nice pair of legs wrapped in nylon and I was looking forward to getting inside this one.


As far as I can tell this site has been online since April 2010 and I must admit its relatively small on content. In fact there are only photo galleries I’m afraid - no videos at all, which was a shocker!


The total number of models is also tiny - just 9 babes - a blend of Asian, ebony and white. I don’t recall seeing any of these models before and can only guess that they are semi-pro/amateur. For the record their names are: Leilani, Mylani, Nadia, Nylon (yep, that IS her name!), Olivia, Princess, Sheer, Vespera and Yesenia. There are currently 192+ photo galleries (which include a few duplicates, so its slightly less in reality) spread across the 9 models. I counted them all up and as  a guide the lowest sets per girl was a disappointing 3 while the maximum was a more impressive 43.


Site layout is easy on the eye and navigation is okay for such a small archive. Its all straightforward and I doubt you’ll get lost here.


Photo quality is great. Big high resolution images make up in a way for the lack of movies. Members can peruse the thumbnail galleries of simply download the complete zip files.


Action, if you can call it action, is tame by any standard. There is plenty of variation ranging from outdoor shoots to the more commonplace bedroom spreads. I browsed through a fair proportion of the content and found no nudity whatsoever. These babes keep their clothes on and rarely flash a panty gusset let alone pussy, tits or ass. This is aimed squarely at pantyhose fetishists that get off on the “legs and feet encased in hose” aspect. In that respect its perfect. For anyone that prefers more flesh or outright in your face porn, then this site probably isn’t for you.


With regards the pantyhose itself, we have black, multi coloured, fishnets, layers of pantyhose (stockings over hose), patterned, shiny, tan and white pantyhose! Just about every combo is within this collection, so dedicated fans will have a field day! updates roughly once a week and all said and done membership is good value at $19.99 per 30 days recurring. As it stands its not a bad little site, but would benefit from a video library and an increased model line-up - check it out - see if its for you.


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