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Reviewed 05 February 2010


Being a fan of stockings sites, you’d think I’d be big into the pantyhose scene, but I’ve never been a total devotee. Sure enough those silky clad legs are similar, the contour hugging ass lines, that sexy sexy sheen... oh yeah, but its spoiled by that fucking ‘end piece’. What I’m trying to say is the ‘panty’ bit is the problem! However, I will put my marginal reservations to one side and see if the content here at gets my pecker dripping with excitement.


Well the signs are good. Of all the sites I’ve reviewed from this company (Ardo), this one is by far the most soft. Though there is some nice pussy close-ups here and there and a bountiful collection of tit on show, the overwhelming emphasis is firmly focused on erotica. This is where I start to get it. There definitely is something horny about seeing juicy pussy lips stretched flat against a pair of pantyhose and it is arousing - you know not seeing absolutely EVERYTHING the babe has to offer, leaving something to the imagination and all that good stuff. But as a pantyhose fan you’ll have figured that out already, right?!


Anyway, as with Retro-Queens, Nylon-Erotic and Model-Eve, site styling is fairly similar if not identical. The HTML ‘frame’ navigation is used at all these sites and as I have said before its not exactly cutting edge but it does work well. Simple links means you will have no trouble getting to where you want in seconds so that is a bonus. Good scene descriptions add to the feel that they actually care about what they do.


There are more photosets than videos so if you love galleries you’ll be on to a winner here, especially as you can download and keep everything. The archive goes back to 2006 and currently updates once per week. There are 200 photosets right now which isn’t huge but at least the producers haven’t gone off on a tangent and has kept true to the pantyhose cause. 42 regular WMV movies (640x480) can be found under the, you guessed it, Movies link! These are okay, not up there with the latest HD masterpieces you may find elsewhere but then again its exclusive fair and nicely done, lighting, angles, sets, outfits and clean audio.


34 models from Europe (a lot from Germany I might add) form the compendium of cock candy. There are some pretty looking ladies in here, some very classy - those that caught my eye and had me reaching for my rock hard cock and tight balls were: Timea, Pupett, Eve, Kaz B, Camilla, JoAnne LaFontaine, Candy and Viola. As you can see I did find a lot of babes to jizz over so maybe I’m converted after all?


There is no hardcore content to speak of but if you head off to the Movies you will be delighted to know that there is a lot of masturbation (through nylon) and dildo scenes to really work your wrist. They maybe short in length (around the 5-15 minute mark) but they are big on eroticism and that is what you pay for. Bearing in mind the content quantity is not massive 21 Euros (around $29) for 30 days access is a bit high but it does recur at under 16 Euros thereafter which is about right for a fetish site of this nature.


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