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Reviewed 29 April 2010


A site full of British totty strutting their stuff in a veritable pantheon (there’s a pun in there somewhere) of sexy butt hugging knickers sums up quite succinctly. This one is for all you panty fetishists out there who get wood just by catching a glimpse of gusset.


It must be the adolescent in me that raises my cock to attention - maybe its that naughty flash of a hot babe crossing her legs to expose a perfect white triangle, a sheer camel toe crotch or a voyeuristic up skirt? Whatever it is, if panty watching is your bag, I can assure you your ball bag will thank you for signing up to this gorgeous offering.


So what’s inside then? Well, thankfully fucking loads of sexy content, though I must point out there are absolutely no pictures, galleries, photosets whatsoever - this is pure and simple movies only. has quite a pedigree with original content dating back to March 2005. Highly regarded as one of, if not the best site of its kind - I do happen to agree - it just does everything its meant to. Its panty heaven believe me. The site has a super duper daily update schedule so you’ll always have something new to wank over.


The site is visually slick (or sick as my American colleague Honey might say). Its very easy to get around. There aren’t many links to be honest but that’s okay considering how the site is designed. A search engine would be the icing on the proverbial cake, but I’m not exactly shitting the bed because there isn’t one. You can however, define (or sort) by model name, date or rank (yep you can vote for these panty wearing sirens too).


Over the past few years this site has developed its content to encompass the latest trends and user requirements, in as much as the movies now include WMV HDV and iPod (MPG4) versions whereas the earliest movies were just in MPG. All three options are available post December 2007.


Quality is as expected. The HDV presentations are excellent whereas the MPG less so (but that’s just bloody obvious!). The choices are there for speed and download times so choose the best accordingly. The average length of each video is 4-5 minutes which sounds crap, but because of the way the movies are composed it works well. Each movie takes a similar approach with the model talking directly to camera - posing, bending, flashing, stripping to expose titties, doing a jig, basically showing off her panties (and sometimes a bit of snatch thatch or front crack when wearing see-through knickers) whilst saying thing like ‘you naughty boys’ and what not. I know our American pals dig the limey accent so it’s a double whammy here - sexy cute voices and sexy cute asses! It’s a winner folks. Its mainly solo girl action though there are some multi girl vids in the mix too.


The videos are download only, no browser streaming, which to me makes perfect sense as I prefer to download and watch later especially if the server output is sluggish. Good speeds were recorded during the review process but be advised there is a 5 GB daily download limit (though that works out a 150 GB per month more than most ISP’s permit here in the UK where the dark ages still prevail). So I see no issue - its a decent enough allowance - be nice if it was unlimited but that’s life!


Numbers? We all love big numbers. 301 models and 1819+ movies is where its at. That’s brilliant, a hell of a lot of movies to watch with new content daily. You’ll be able to figure out from these stats that each model has more than one movie so you won’t be disappointed on that score either. Great to see a favourite ex-army babe of mine in the delectable curvy form of Mel Rook - you don’t see much of Mel on the net so this was a welcome bonus.


$29.95 for 30 days access sounds fair to me based on the content and daily updates. And don’t forget it rebills at just $24.95 after the initial month (join via CCBill for current best value deals). Top notch panty site - if you’re into it you should be into this! Enough said.


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