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Reviewed 16 April 2009


Since the warm summer months are almost upon us  as of the date of this review, I thought it was the perfect time to check out a sexy softcore getaway, which is part of the 21st Sextury network of 30+ exclusive sites which you get access to with your membership, along with two new discounted bonus sites every month as part of their unique member loyalty offer. The network is a satisfying blend of soft and hardcore material which offers a lot of bang for your buck.


Open Air Pleasures, as the name implies, is all about outdoor sex, girls doing naughty things with their sensuous bodies in public, and they are absolutely some of the most stunning open air exhibitionists you're likely to see. Most of the girls are from Eastern Europe - Hungarians, Czechs, and a few Americans, and wow, they are the cream of the crop. There's nothing here but sun, sun and more sun, sparkling pools, swaying palm trees, and tropical locales  or forested gardens that perfectly showcase lovely sunkissed breasts, water running erotically down thighs and tanned legs,  and  the wide open intimate areas of girls who love showing off their assets for all the world to see. The site has been online since 2005 and during that time it's built up a large archive of scenes. The latest update appears to be January 2009, so the flow of new scenes seems to have slowed, but there's such a strong and pleasurable collection here, you won't feel deprived, I guarantee. And did I mention the girls are stunning? Well, it bears repeating: the girls are stunning! The natural outdoor settings ain't so bad either, so if you're yearning for a hot, sensuous vacation but can't afford (like most of us!) to hop a plane to St. Bart's or similar exotic destination, Open Air Pleasures will at least make you feel like you got a little taste of paradise with your fantasy girlfriend.  


Most of the scenes are solo masturbation, with a few girl/guy and a girl/girl scene, but the real focus here is girls pleasuring their pussies and assholes with fingers, toys/dildos and water underneath the blue skies of the outdoors. The site describes itself as "horny hiker honeys indulge in hot pussy plays in the woods or at the lakeside..." I'm not sure if they mean hiker or biker, because some scenes show girls with hot motorcycles... well, whatever they are, hikers or bikers, it's all good! The Tour pages with trailers will more than convince you that you'll be seeing a glittering array of beauties in here, each with a tantalizing little scene description to put your mind and body in the mood.


The top navigation bar shows Exclusive Content, Network, Bonus Content, Models, Support and Shop. Click on the Exclusive Content link and you'll be in the main archive. As soon as I saw gorgeous French babe Stella Delacroix I had to check out her video titled "Too Hot" and she definitely is. Long ash blond hair, tanned skin, perfect breasts and a sexy Euro smile combined with the Caribbean setting beckoned. Navigation is quite easy with everything clearly labeled - model name, date added, movie length (average time is around 30 minutes), and photos (99). You can also vote on the scene. Movies are divided into 10 clips which you can view in streaming (low, med, hi), download directly in medium or hi format, or download the entire movie at the "All In One" area. The accompanying photos are INCREDIBLE eye-popping, full screen hi res beauties, downloadable in zip file or by page. You get your money's worth with these pics, so if you're a photography purist who appreciates the utmost in artistry and quality at this level, the photos at Open Air Pleasures will be an open air delight. God, are these girls stunning (oops, I already said that, didn't I?) and the photos show them off at their glamorous best.  Beautiful Stella fingers and plays with her lovely pussy and bottom, getting herself off under the sunny skies.  She spreads her legs and lathers up her intimate area and shaves herself by the sparkling pool.  She does have a pierced pussy/clit, not one of my favorite looks, but some people dig it. I liked that there wasn't the annoying background music that is often used  at "glamour" solo girl sites - I prefer hearing the natural sounds a girl makes or just sensual quiet while she goes about her erotic business, so that was a big plus. I found it hard to take my eyes off this girl and I'm sure you'll have an equally difficult time looking anywhere else (even though she is lounging by a very pretty pool!). For anal enthusiasts, she isn't shy about fingering the back door with lots of enthusiastic but natural moans.


Each scene usually starts with the girl slowly stripping and teasing - true, we've seen this type of opening many times before so I can't say it's anything overly original from that standpoint, but I will say that the outdoor settings here are exceptionally beautiful, along with the fantastic, crisp photography. In looking through the scenes, I didn't see a dog in the bunch from the looks standpoint. While they are in the glam category, most of these lovelies are wonderfully natural, which is another plus for those of you who aren't fans of the enhanced porno boobs. In addition, I didn't see a lot of tattoos either, which allows the natural girl to shine through without being distracted by snakes, dragons and other assorted designs which quite frankly have gotten somewhat out of hand in the adult world. Just my opinion of course, but if you prefer tanned lovely natural skin instead of ink, you'll find even more to appreciate at this site. In some scenes, the girls use items other than dildos on themselves - a beer bottle, a cucumber, extra large dildos, so they do get a bit kinky, but it's still in the softcore range.


You can see their Top 12 rated scenes (one of which was a super sexy petite model named Cayenne). Number 1 is a hot brunette named Jeannette, masturbating outdoors in a garden.


Click on "Models" and you'll see all the girls, alphabetically, with two glam photos and basic bio information (nationality, birthday, hair color, eye color, etc), other names she's modeled under and various magazines she's appeared in. A few have been in European issues of Penthouse or Hustler. It would be nice if they had a somewhat better search engine to locate a specific girl, but at least they have a fairly good setup with pics and bios so you can familiarize yourself with who's who.


When you go to the Network link, you see all the sites you have free access to as a member of 21stSextury. Most, although not all, of their sites seem to update on a weekly basis, so members certainly get access to a gigantic amount of porn targeting just about every niche and genre, from teens to bondage to MILFs to granny porn plus one helluva lot more! On top of the large network, the Bonus link gives members access to third party live chat, webcams and other feeds.


Support is provided at their Web Support Central area, with all the info you need, from membership info, tech questions, general help FAQs and contacts. Go to their "Shop" link where American customers can purchase their outdoor masturbation DVD's. They also have a selection of sexual enhancement items available.  


So, if you're in a summertime vacation mood and yearn to watch utterly gorgeous babes playing with themselves in beautiful public settings where they don't care who sees them spreading their pussies to the breeze, Open Air Pleasures will save you a lot of money on air fare without ever leaving home! Great network and a nice softcore site!


Membership costs a slightly higher than average $29.95 for 30 days access, but you do get significant bonus sites included for the first 30 days and 2 more each consecutive month you remain a member.


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