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Original Review 23 May 2008 - Revisited 02 September 2009


Its been over a year since I took a detailed look at OnlyTease.com and I thought that as the sites production team have been feverishly adding new features and content its high time to return.


Well, I’m pleased to say nothing drastic has changed visually - the original format worked well so no need for a wholesale blitz. There are a few tweaks here and there but overall its great to revisit and not have to delve here, there, and everywhere to find content.


No doubt the biggest and most welcome change is the introduction of High Definition (HD) and iPod video formats. With the recent advent of HD, I was hoping it was only a matter of time before the UK’s premiere softcore site joined the enhanced movie ranks and that’s now a reality. You can download or stream absolutely wonderful quality widescreen HD in either Flash or WMV and it can’t be overemphasized that, in these times of aggressive content protection, its great to still be able to download and keep everything (movies and pictures) at OnlyTease.com.


Content has continued to grow with an excellent daily update schedule (an amazing 3 updates a day!). This all adds up to a bloody impressive 804,000+ ultra high resolution images and 1,600+ movies featuring the sexy talents of over 550 stunning models mainly from the UK. Talking of images, there are not many sites that come anywhere close to the huge 2000x3000 pixel photos produced exclusively for Only Tease and they are a delight to peruse in three size resolutions via the new look slideshow option.


I’m a sucker for a glamour model so I made it my business to check out as many babes as possible (yeah I know... its tough doing these reviews!). While going through some random sets I noticed, since my last visit, the photography has become a tad more explicit! Bearing in mind it’s a tease-of-a-site, its not over the top, but more pussy is definitely on show thesedays - including some very personal close-ups of landing strips, fanny lips and girlie cracks. Personally I welcome this with open arms (top perv me) but hope, for the sake of fellow tease fans, OT doesn’t loose this alluring factor completely in the future.


Anyway, I was impressed in 2008 and I’m even more impressed in 2009. I’m delighted to increase the original score from 9.6 to a perfect 10, because the guys behind OT really do deserve the kudos. Unlike so many preview tours that promise a lot and fail to deliver, I actually think you get more than you expect when joining OnlyTease.com. I highly recommend this site and would go as far as to say as why not take advantage of the OnlyAllSites.com deal where you get all 6 ‘Only’ sites (including the new addition OnlySilkAndSatin.com) for just $44.95 per month? Its a total no brainer from where I’m sitting -  sexy softcore satisfaction guaranteed!


For additional information please refer to the original OnlyTease.com review below


Reviewed 23 May 2008


OnlyTease.com has been around since 2003 and has grown into an exclusive portal for softcore lovers the world over. On entering the members area for the first time you can’t help but be impressed. Not simply the layout and professional feel but the sheer volume of content on offer. In fact it’s the sort of site that you wish you had an ISP with unlimited downloads, because trust me, you are going to want to download big time.


As previously mentioned this site is particularly pleasing on the eye, not least because its adorned with a bevy of beautiful girls just begging to get their kit off. At the top of the screen is a standard navigation bar with all the headings to get you where you want to be quickly. No dead links here - always a good start. To the left, in column format, is further navigational aids detailing Latest news, Forum, Top Lists, Forthcoming shoots - you get the picture. The main section of the homepage is devoted to the Latest Updates - basically the current photo shoots on offer to members. Here you get three thumbnail pictures to entice you to view the sets or scroll down for more of the same. To the left of the images are links to download the sets. These are available in Standard size (711x1066) , Extra Large (1365x2048) or awesome Ultra Large (2000x3000). Of course there is a price to pay in terms of download with a standard set of 120 or so photos per sets rising from 8MB for standard size upto 50MB+ for the Ultra Large sets.


The imagery is quite outstanding and the guys at OnlyTease.com have certainly accomplished something special with just enough variation - which is hard considering the site is updated almost daily. Okay scenario time. So you’ve clicked on a set to view what now, just look? Download? Well, there is lots of options. Firstly, glance to the left navigation - fuck me, you can view via a slideshow, add to favorites or even make your own custom set, plus if that’s not enough you can get sidetracked into searching for other sets with links and keywords woohoo! For me the custom sets idea is pure genius. You can select individual images and once happy with your selection have it zipped up ready for download - now that pwns.


OnlyTease.com has an archive of over half a million images spread across over five thousand galleries (I told you this site is huge). 1,400 videos adds to the open mouth factor. Of course with this amount of data available navigation needs to be good so you don’t get lost in the servers blackhole. This is exemplified by the OT search engine. Here you can search using  filters, with obscure stuff like ‘Breasts - Enhanced’ if you’re a silicon man or ‘Natural’ if you like your fun bags more squishy! That’s dedication to detail. The site is a breeze to use and I’ll leave the self explanatory stuff for when you join, because join is what you will want to do.


Movies are the staple diet of us triple-X-er’s. These are 100% exclusive and available in two resolutions. Low and High, with low being the smaller download but consequently the lower quality, obviously. To be fair unless you want to transfer and view these on an iPhone or similar device I would certainly only recommend downloading the High Res videos which engorged the reviewers 22 inch screen monitor. I must confess the lighting in some videos is a bit dim, but overall good. So whats on offer? As the website promotes softcore don’t expect legs akimbo, dildos up asses and the like because this is not what you’ll get. What you do get is stripping, subtlety done (full nude but not always) OnlyTease style. The ‘acting’ is dubious at times and raises a smile here and there - but I guess these girls aren’t going for Oscars and the awkwardness can lend itself from a voyeurs perspective.


While on the video subject another great feature is the Movie Theatre, here you can view the latest and favored videos via a YouTube style Flash Player. Not only can you watch these streaming videos but you can download them too in any resolution - cool huh?


Download times are very good with no reported problems during the review process. Using a dedicated download manager more than quadrupled standard Windows downloads and 10MB per minute on a 2MB line (tested at 1.94Mbps prior to review) were experienced throughout. I did however receive the ‘Service Temporarily Unavailable’ during downloads when I tried to click elsewhere, but hey shit happens!


Other features of OnlyTease.com worthy of mention are FastTrack which is a gallery that hasn't been released to the members' area. The ability to 'FastTrack' a gallery allows members to view galleries before they are released. Every month each member is given 10 FastTracks to use. To earn extra FastTracks simply make a post in the Forum.


The Forum feature was something I wasn’t expecting. Likewise once inside, being used to regular forums where all hell breaks loose on a all too  frequent basis, here the Moderation works well - members can discuss the finer attributes of the models or request a photo shoot. Its all rather tame and polite but works well enough.


Finally, after shelling out some hard earned $$$’s you need to be assured there is suitable support. OnlyTease.com affords its members superb customer liaison though email and comprehensive FAQ/Help pages. I must admit at first I did have issues trying to play downloaded videos as, DUH, the review Dell didn’t have XvID codec installed. The Video FAQ had the remedy - all sorted - no fuss.


Summing up. OnlyTease.com is regularly updated contains bags of exclusive content for the softcore market. Its presented in such a way that you are drawn deeper and deeper into the site and never found wanting.


At $24.95 for 30 days membership it’s a bargain but for just $44.95 per month get access to the entire 5 site series comprising OnlyTease.com and spin offs, Only-Opaques.com, OnlySecretaries.com, OnlyMelanie.com and OnlyCarla.com.


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