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Reviewed 09 March 2009


I’ve been waiting patiently for a site like to come along. Sure there are plenty of lingerie sites out there but none that come with the ‘only’ credentials. Regular readers will know that I adore glamour sites and in particular and its sister sites (leaving all the really dirty stuff to my depraved colleague Honey!). So it was a very pleasant surprise to see these guys launch another site in the series devoted to fine sexy underwear, all erotically captured for your viewing pleasure. was launched in November 2008, so its all still pretty new. That’s not to say its light on content, no, an impressive collection of 25,000+ softcore pictures and 80+ strip style videos form the backbone of this lingerie inspired site. Featuring 38 top glamour models such as Mackenzie, Gemma Massey, Lily S, Michelle M, Jana B, Carole, Hayley Marie and Lucy Anne, fans of the UK glam scene will no doubt recognize these names, all of whom figure highly in other ‘only’ sites such as and So we have some really saucy maidens and plenty of slinky smooth content to devour.


Its been a while since I reviewed the other ‘only’ sites (in fact they were my very first reviews in May 2008) so it was good to be back. Not a lot has changed, and to be honest nothing needed changing. The layout and navigation is perfectly formed (just like the nubiles within) and couple this to a really fantastic search engine means you’ll be downloading your favourite lovelies in minutes. Talking of which, everything here at is downloadable. In these modern times more and more owners are placing restrictions on content and its pretty common to only be able to view picture sets online. Not here though. You pay your membership and its all yours to keep. I like that aspect.


Call me old fashioned but I do prefer photo galleries when it comes to glamour. Movies are fine, nothing wrong with them, but I feel the pin-up aspect works better that way. Thing is, there are movies here too, in both High and Low resolutions which can be downloaded to your hard drive or streamed live (check out the Movie Theatre feature, that rocks). So everyone will be happy. I’ve always found the ‘only’ movies rather shy affairs. They are expertly shot mind you. The girls themselves are super sweet and sometimes look a little nervous but this adds to their charm.


As with all the ‘only’ sites the photographic content speaks for itself. All imagery is available in three size formats, Standard, Extra large and Ultra large. The latter being absolutely huge screen fillers (make sure you use a big monitor 22 inch plus to view these!).


So silk and satin lovers do we get a good assortment of lingerie to moon over? An emphatic YES! As would be expected a lot of scenes feature sexy stocking clad legs mixed up with the finest basques and knickers money can buy - many in vibrant pink hues. There are some shoots with pantyhose (for fans of that spin off niche) and settings vary wildly too - from the more usual bedroom/office/lounge environment to the great outdoors (one shoot was even in the snow - arhhh that is why their nipples are so erect!). All picture sets are composed the same - striptease - clothed to semi nude/nude. So you can see you’ll get exactly what you are looking for here and its all updated daily. Probably the defining factor is you are buying into an ‘only’ site so you know you’ll get excellent support, quality production and good value for money from the finest softcore glamour inspired sites on the net. membership costs $20.64 for 30 days access (recurring) which is amazingly low considering what you get. For an additional $26.76 (per month) you can join all six ‘only’ sites which I would personally recommend. An amazing network which never fails to deliver.


For fans of the ‘only’ site network, watch out for updates on the reviews I did last year which are coming soon…


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