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Reviewed 28 May 2008



This site is no longer updating however it will remain online as an archive and is included free for all members


OnlyMelanie is home to internationally recognised glamour model Melanie Walsh and undoubtedly the most well known face of the ‘Only’ series. Having appeared in Page 3 and more recently her own Playboy photo shoot, Melanie has made quite a name for herself. Her own dedicated website,, has been established since late 2005 and boasts over 39,000 images, 120+ videos - 100% exclusive.


Melanie is a blonde-ish/brunette (her hair does change colour if you are observant!) stunner and is a natural in front of the lens. This is exemplified particularly by her video presentations. Whereas on the other ‘Only’ sites some of the girls come across rather shy, yes I know nude modelling and all but that’s apparent, Melanie is a real professional and can actually ’act’ out a believable role. The same can be said of Carla ( but that’s for another review.


So we have established that Melanie rocks, what about the site itself? Well, if you have read the other ‘Only’ reviews and seen the screen captures of the members areas you maybe slightly disappointed that the same format hasn’t morphed completely to OnlyMelanie. To some extent its similar. Its easy to use, no navigation issues, looks clean and tidy - all good stuff. But it lacks some of the cool features I’ve become accustomed while reviewing the complete series, such as no Movie Theatre, no build your own custom sets (boohoo) and  photos sets only come in two sizes, Standard and Extra Large. does include a personal diary written by Melanie and she regularly posts on the members forum - the latter is a nice touch and give her fan base a platform to ask personal questions and actually receive a reply. As with all the ‘Only’ forums, politeness and overall chummy-ness is the order of the day. There are no plans at present to do a live cam, as far as this reviewer could see, though it could be a winner if Melanie was game.


As already mentioned the sheer professionalism of this model shines through in her photo sets and videos. You’d think with nigh on 40k of images archived and this being a single girl site, a lot of the imagery would be samey? Think again. I was pleasantly surprised to find a really diverse range of outfits and locations to satisfy all but the most demanding audience.


This site currently updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday - not as frequent as  some but still very good.


Bit of breaking news to relay folks - you read it here first, well maybe not but anyway, Melanie has just done a full nude photo shoot just for lets have a big exclusive WHOOP! Yep, after much deliberation and soul searching, Melanie has finally decided to show us all, peeling down those panties and standing proud - turn right 90 degrees the landing strip should be visual!  Now if that doesn’t make you want to join I don’t know what would.


And if your thirst for Melanie isn’t quenched by this site alone Melanie can be found on all the ’Only’ sites, including some two girl posing sessions.


Cost is $24.95 for 30 days membership non-recurring or $19.95 recurring  it’s a great deal but for just $44.95 per month get access to the entire 5 site series which includes,, and


LAST UPDATE: 28 FEBRUARY 2009 (see top)


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