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Reviewed 20 July 2011


Hands up who hasn’t heard of Nikki Nova? Think we all have haven’t we? Nikki was born in Virginia on January 5th 1978 and is a well known adult star having featured in oodles of mainstream porn movies as well as dabbling in the fetish scene. She is a brown eyed, 5ft 7in stunner, with PHAT boobies and a pair of the juiciest piss flaps in the business (fuck their huge). This is her official site and unsurprisingly its titled!


As seems to be the porno rage, Nikki has, over recent years, adorned her body with a multi-coloured splattering of tattoos, the most notable being a full back ink comprising a leopards head, 2 dragons, a butterfly and a large winged eagle, which, fortunately, is covered by her flowing auburn locks most of the time. Her shoulders are also getting the needle treatment - personally I think it’s a shame such beautiful women are turning their bodies into artistic freak shows. You may disagree? Do let us know!


Anyway, moving on. Nikki Nova is described as the “Ultra Vixen of Your Dreams” and I don’t disagree with that. She is super fucking hot with a gorgeous body (barring the tat crap). Her site is a blend of candid “at home” stuff and professional portfolio - it works quite well as a fansite. Of course the candid material suffers from amateur camera work (as to be expected), while the commercial product is much better (obviously).


I suppose for a site that has been online since early 2008, it hasn’t grown substantially - currently the archive totals a mere 44+ short videos and 103+ photosets.


Navigation is good so you can fine tune your search and miss out all the candid material should you wish (its fan stuff) all I want to see is PUSSY, TITS and ASS and so will you!


Movie quality varies quite a bit with the best affording 1280x720 MPEG-4 HD, 960x540 WMV HD and some good Mobile formats. The rest are average looking to be honest.


Photo quality is much more impressive with high resolution images dominating. Download HR sets in zip files or view from a choice of high/medium res online in a slideshow tool. Quantity per set also varies from 15 to 48 images, which isn‘t a lot. Also Nikki doesn’t feature in every single set, with a host of other babes making up the numbers - good or bad… you decide?


Action is primarily solo girl posing though there are several two girl sets to cum over. Its very much softcore in nature with no cock at all. For lingerie enthusiasts you’ll be in seventh heaven as there are some spectacular nylon rich pickings to be had. I confess to bagging a number of zips on my visit!


All in all for a solo girl fansite, I’d give this a look if only for a month or two. You get 12 sites bundled with your membership and while $29.95 for 30 days may seem a bit pricey for this alone as a network it’s a fair deal.


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