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Reviewed 20 August 2009


Mmmm, this site is not at all what I expected, it’s a softcore solo girl site with a difference and no mistake! features the one and only 25 year old British blonde glamour model of same name (obviously). Well known for her frequent appearances in lads mags and on motor magazine covers, Natasha is also a regular model for mainstream lingerie retailers Pabo and Anne Summers - and you‘ll find most of her past assignments in some media format (scans mainly) here at her Official website.


I’m familiar with her work as she has appeared at quite a few times - she has a very nice collection of images (3000+) and videos there too, well worth a look.


Okay, so I have spent a few days looking through this site. Mmmm (again) site presentation is fine, its not really WOW and the links that are there get you where you want, albeit not very dynamically. It has a fan site feel to it. I guess that’s its appeal and ultimate aim - fans only! Its not really even a porn site in the sense I understand - its akin to an online scrap book of random pictures, scans, and personal video logs (or vlogs if you prefer). There is a cohesion issue going on, which is a crying shame - this girl deserves a better ‘Official’ site.


One thing I did say WOW about was the volume of raw AVI format movies. What the fuck is all that about? They really need to be compressed into MPG or WMV because a 2 minute clip taking up 68MB of my precious hard disk is taking the piss! Come on, that’s just lazy!


Sure enough there is quite a bit of stuff hidden away in the Archive section. Organised by ‘subject’ simply click an image and da daa up pops the stuff.


Quality varies dramatically - some of the images are great but some are poor quality scans. I would have expected to be able to download a zip file here and there but alas no. And fucking hell some of the thumbnails have gone AWOL too - this is simply not good enough!


Video content is average at best and only really ‘rates’ because its ’home video’ and exclusive to a certain extent. There is lots of annoying girlie laughter so you’ll really have to fucking well adore Natasha to watch these. And finally, special mention should be made of the excessive camera panning in some of these ‘home’ efforts - Jesus, I thought I had the onset of brain cancer and almost puked up - some of the worst camera work I‘ve ever seen! WARNING: If you experience dizziness, vomiting or any other symptoms at this site, please do not contact me!


Summing up, I can see why she is popular  - she sure is pwitty, but this site doesn’t match up. Totting up the figures... its not ALL bad (honest). A devoted fan would probably enjoy the material, but I’m not convinced joining will give you anything but a credit card deficit to the tune of $27.20 for 30 days access - which is ridiculously high considering what is afforded!


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