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Reviewed 29 October 2010 is something of a revelation. I mean, where else can you get 25+ classy babes presenting up to the minute, business, weather, entertainment, sports and world news, six days a week, totally in the buff?


I’m sure we have all fantasised about a sexy newscaster or pretty weathergirl, dreaming what it’d be like to see her strip off, but here it’s a reality. These sweeties are not airheads either and though the whole ‘naked’ bit maybe perceived as just another sensational gimmick (for want of a better word), it most definitely isn‘t, - its professionally produced with the same dedication and values conventional TV news networks aspire to. This site is fast becoming one of my all time favourite adult sites!


The original concept was conceived in Toronto, Canada, and first hit the internet in June 2000. At the time there was only one anchor, Victoria Sinclair (who is still onboard), but today there are eight or so regular presenters plus numerous guest anchors. During its formative years, content was free to watch with advertising picking up the costly production overheads, but this was short lived. Various cable and satellite channels have shown extracts from Naked News, including Playboy One in the UK, but with its closure in 2008, the internet is currently the only place to view this top notch program (accessed on a subscription basis).


Okay, there is so much to this site I’ll probably only skim a small proportion of it, but I should explain that all the news anchors present their segments topless, totally nude or strip to naked as they read the auto cue (teleprompter). You may think this would be totally awkward, but rest assured it definitely is not. I’m in awe of these chicks - their ability to talk while unclipping their bra and pulling down their panties is an impressive skill long lost on us non-multitasking men - they don‘t waver or look away - always the perfect pros!


I was also expecting the news to be treated with irreverence but its not. Sure, its more light hearted than CNN or the BBC and is more current affairs based, but its still true to the cause, informative and well worth watching, even the non nude features - but as they say its best viewed naked!


The main interface centres around the video player which dominates the site. Situated around and above are links galore, all are self explanatory, though it can be a little overwhelming to start with. First impressions are that is a small site, but the links belie a massive archive of past programming and all manner of interesting material including Behind The Scenes, Auditions, Bloopers, Naked in the Street, Locker Talk, plus loads more besides, which can be streamed online in various formats (MOV/MPEG-4/Flash) and some (the most recent shows) can be downloaded in great looking Quicktime or H.264 formats, though the latter is only available for content produced during the past 2 days. Finding content is simplicity itself with in depth search parameters to find a particular anchor or segment. I must confess to checking out all of Rachel Simmons work just because she is so bloody gorgeous, but I digress…


Each of the current crop of presenters has an informative Bio, plus a small selection of high resolution images (20+ per babe) which can be download in individual zip files (yep, each pic is in a zip file - most odd!). Fantastic quality Wallpapers and autographed pics (to purchase) are also included, plus links to external networking sites. is skilfully constructed and flows like any good TV show should, with dedicated segments, typically composed of the following items: News off the Top, Entertainment, Business, Sports, Weather, and Closing Remarks. These change daily so you’ll get a few different sections such as Tech News, Naked Nerd, Boob of the Week, Commentary, Locker Talk or something equally nude and entertaining. Previous shows dating back 5 months can be streamed in segments or in their entirety (around 20-25 minutes per show). Total video content is around the 1,500-2,000 mark and the site is updated daily.


As mentioned previously there is so much to this site I am merely scratching the surface. I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit - it’s a refreshing change from all the mind numbing hardcore about these days and a very ingenious idea to boot. I really rate this one, its softcore, the news girls are beautiful and it’s simply the best thing to start your day, everyday. Membership costs just $19.95 for 30 days, though I’d highly recommend the one year deal priced at $99.95.


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