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Reviewed 30 August 2008 ('Most Erotic Teens') is bar none the largest nude erotic photography site on the Net. It's the premiere destination for connoisseurs of erotic nudes, now going into their ninth year online. Met Art has won numerous awards, including Best Nude Site In The World and was voted FHM's top 50 websites in the world. This gigantic site has cornered the market on photos of beautiful, natural young women posing nude in a variety of softcore styles and settings. At  their main page, Met Art says that as of August 2008, they have 642,839 photos and 559 movies. It's doubtful any other nude photo site will ever be able to duplicate these amazing  stats in terms of the sheer mass of  artistic output. Met Art is not a porn site - even though there are plenty of quite erotic and sexy close-up pussy shots - if you're looking for hardcore content depicting sexual acts (penetration, etc), you won't find it at  Met Art. This is strictly a glamour nude photo site. There are occasional girl/girl innocently erotic teasing shots with a bit of sexy contact, (light kissing, breasts touching), but no guy/girl content. However, what you will  find in this dazzling collection more than makes up for any lack in that area.


When you initially enter their members area, it's rather overwhelming and I felt as if  every beautiful girl in the world from the Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Australia, USA, Chile, Argentina, Canada, Ukraine, Italy, England, and many more nations, must have been photographed at one time or another by Met Art. Geez, where do they find all these girls? It's almost difficult to believe that there are that many freshly beautiful young women out there,  but the proof is right there in front of you. Overall, these are not girls with artificially enhanced bodies, and that's definitely one of the big attractions here: flawless innocence, freshness, and unspoiled feminine beauty mixed with a touch of the naughty. If you're somewhat burned out and in the mood  for a walk on the erotically, elegantly soft side of female sexiness, Met Art is like a refreshing dip in a lovely stream. There truly is nothing remotely like it anywhere else.


The main members area, while a bit ‘busy’ due to all the various options available, is fairly well  organized with a top navigation bar divided into Movies, Free Cams, Private Cams, Best of Met, Models, On Met Art, DVDs,  Artists and Main Menu. Below is a bar divided into the past  years of their archives going back to 2003, along with My Favorites and a new and improved search engine function. The left side links to Met-Cams which is  their Private Cam area where you can chat in private with their models (alone, with no admins), for $2.50/min, along with links to Met Models, the Met Art weekly newsletter and special site membership offers.


The center area is where the action is: Met's daily photo/model updates which are presented in a magazine style format. When I first looked at Met, I was somewhat confused as to whether these were real magazine covers. Apparently they receive a lot of email asking the same question. They are not real magazines, just an inventive visual to showcase each girl's pictorial.   There were six new models the day I checked. And that's the next most fantastic thing about Met: this is one adult site where updates will NEVER be an issue. There's probably no other adult site on the entire Net that updates as regularly, with so much content. It's almost impossible to keep up with it and that's a good thing. Below the daily update pics, there's a link to the entire month's updates (100+). Next, there's a banner linking you to yet another portion of Met - Errotica Archives, which is one of their two Partner sites, the other being  Met Models. Below is that day's movie updates (four). At the bottom there's Support, Tips and Rules, Feedback, and troubleshooting. There's a lot  going on, but it's pretty  easy to find your way around.


On the right side of the page, there's a Top Model photo with a ranking from Met members,  and underneath that, you'll see the Public Cams area. The Public Cams are free with membership, with 7 shows per day, two hours each. Met is very clear about the rules for their cam shows.  The girls are to be treated with respect and if you don't follow the rules, you're banned. You are allowed to see the model nude but any explicit sexual acts or language is  totally off limits. This is in keeping with the overall tone of Met Art - tasteful erotic excitement, but nothing over the line.


The main action is found in the fabulous pictures, so let's take a look at what's there. Click on a cover that interests you and you'll be taken into that model's gallery. I looked at ‘Jolly A’ - an 18 year-old from Russia posing in an outdoor setting. Her gallery contained 150+ photos. Each pic progresses until she's totally nude. Met is famous for having their models posing in outdoorsy  settings, using various objects as props, whether it's a swing, a sandy exotic beach, a beautiful field of daisies, or a stack of tires! Anything and everything is a potential backdrop for a Met scene. Pictures were available in a large variety of formats: zip file, hi, med and low res, large cover (beautiful hi res with wording like an actual magazine) and clean cover (no words, just the pic). There's  an enhanced navigation link, a convenient model bio icon which gives the model's  age, eye color, hair color, breast size, country of origin, height and weight, a link to that model's entire series of pics and an Add To Favorites link. I preferred the Clean Cover option over  the Large Cover, as I simply wanted to focus on  the model rather than the magazine style cover   with words. There's a handy box that says Next Set  to link you  to the next  model's gallery.  At the bottom of each gallery, you can vote for the girl on a 0-10 rank, and you can also vote for the photographer. Met has a superb knack for putting the girls in a wide range of settings and bringing out each model's special beauty. No two girls are alike, and they each have their own distinct personality. Some are small breasted, some  buxom, some pose in stockings, pin-up style, while others are total nature girls. The list is of themes and scenarios is endless,  but what they all have in common is the erotica element which draws you into their personal fantasy world. Their photos are so crystal clear and dazzling, you truly feel that you're right there in the scene.


After perusing the day's updates or the month's huge update gallery, you'll want to check out their ‘Top Models’ area. This link puts you into their Global Top Models area. A bit confusing, just have to keep track of where you are. These are the models that have received the highest ranking scores from members. Global Models contained 120  girls, all scoring in the 8+ ranking. As with the other gallery, click on each girl and you'll be taken into her pictorials. You can view them as headshots or covers. The covers are the full magazine cover style with wording, just as  a real mag cover would like. I would have liked the option to view the covers here without the wording, (the clean cover style), as I'm sure there are other people who just want to see the girl and not the magazine look, but it wasn't a big problem. On this same page is a link that says Models. Click on that and you're back into the full A-Z of all the Met models. Not all, but many have a bio icon (an ‘I‘) on their pic. These models are not ranked - that's reserved for the Global Top Models. Yet another link says, ‘Non Rated Models‘. Sometimes it does get a bit overwhelming with the different categories, rankings, and so forth, but they've tried to organize a gigantic archive of photos, so I think its only fair to cut them a bit of slack on their attempts to highlight their models the best way possible. Frankly, I didn't pay that much attention to the various ranks and categories, etc and instead surfed around just looking at girls who I found hot  or interesting. However, I'm sure many members do look at those numbers. Finally, there's a My Top Models to save your personal favorite  ranked girls.


Click on the ‘Best of Met’ and you'll find the highest ranked photo series of all spanning from 2003, as voted by Met members. There were 120 series, in hi, med, lo res, and full cover. So, if you want to see the best of the best as chosen by the members themselves, this is where to see it.


Met makes sure to pay homage to the guys behind the  camera - the geniuses who get these fabulous shots, so click on ‘Artists’ and that will lead you to their top rated photographers. There were 60 in this category. Erro seems to be their consistently highest rated photographer. Many of the pics that I've  enjoyed have been by Slastyonoff. It just depends on your tastes and what you personally like. Their photographers, like the girls, are from around the world. Some are seasoned pros, others are gifted newcomers with an eye for beauty. Every now and then, there's a pic that's not quite up to par, whether a bit blurry or the composition  isn't particularly  interesting or erotic, but hey, when you're updating constantly and giving your members such a huge flow of material on a daily basis, you can't hit a home run every time. Overall, the consistency of their work is amazing. There are Met clones that have tried to duplicate their efforts, but they simply don't measure up.


Regarding use of the word ‘teen’ to describe this site, in doing a spot check on several of the models' bios, generally they were in their early 20's. If you want hardcore teen action, really Met Art is not precisely the place for you. These girls are certainly young, but I don't know what  percentage of them actually fall in the teen category. My guess is the majority are between 20-23. Is that a huge complaint on my part? No. Obviously, at this stage of the game they aren't going to change their name or their overall focus. It could be that their earlier collections contain 18-19 year-olds who look younger. The online adult world has changed and evolved in the last few years, so Met may have had to revise their style a bit on the teen issue. That's certainly their prerogative, and apart from not being quite solidly  in the teen genre, they still have plenty of  young and fresh looking girls for your viewing pleasure.


In addition to the huge photo  galleries and cam shows, Met was smart enough to also branch out into videos. They know that members want movies in addition to still photos, so they currently have over  500. As with the photos, Met gives a wide range of viewing options:  DIVX, IPOD, IPhone, Quicktime, PSP, MPEG and WMV. They have excellent support/FAQ files to insure that your viewing experience of their photos or movies is the best it can be. I sampled one video called ‘Smiles‘, which ran about 10 minutes and was in keeping with the Met Art theme - nothing hardcore, just a very beautiful girl with a flawless body, smallish breasts and lovely face, playing, splashing and walking around an indoor pool. I also looked at a sample compilation clip which showed erotic girl/girl touching, caressing, etc. Again, the movies are not porn, no sexual intercourse, and rarely toys or anything other than the suggestion of sexual playing. This is not to imply that their movies are not arousing. I found them to be quite the turn on and a nice change from the pounding porn that is often the norm in the adult world. Let's be honest - a  big part of sexual arousal and excitement is viewing the innocent beauty of young women, just being themselves in the nude. Wow! And Met Art delivers that to you on a silver platter, each and every day, without fail.


So, let's recap the numbers: With a Met membership, you have access to over 1000 models,  130 photographers, daily updates (often 7 a day!), over 1000 GB of exclusive content, unlimited acccess to 559 movies,  exclusive live met cams, both public and private, excellent search engine capability and model bio information, multiple download formats for photos and movies, excellent tech support and a newsletter, plus when you sign up you'll have access  to 1000  bonus photos from photographer Jacques Bourboulon. In addition, Met has several books featuring their erotic works. So, what are you waiting for? For what amounts to about 27 cents a day, you can join the most elite nude photography site in the world. They give you your money's worth, unlike many sites that claim to update daily or feature exclusive, never before seen nude content. At Met Art, that will never be a problem, and you won't regret signing on!


Membership rates:  30 days costs just $29.99 recurring every 30 days (or $39.99 non recurring). 90 days $59.99 recurring every 90 days (or $69.99 non recurring). 365 days costs just $99.00 for a non-recurring membership - highly recommended deal.


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