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Reviewed 26 July 2011


I was perusing the review “to do” list the other day and this site really caught my attention. Surely it cannot be? The sexy internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter Mariah Carey has gotten herself a porno website? Sadly no. Cleaning my specs, while simultaneously rubbing my chin (and knob) I looked closer. Ah… this isn’t its fucking DOH!


All is not lost, Mary Carey is a looker, her tits are even bigger, plus she fingers herself on camera and you can’t say that of Mariah Carey or can you?!


Anyway, funnily enough Mary Carey is one of the more interesting pornstars. She certainly doesn’t fall into the airhead bracket and has made it through some tough times (including battling the bottle) to get where she is today. Unfortunately there isn’t a bio or anything related to what I’m going to tell you on her actual site which is an oversight in my opinion, so I’ll tell you. Read on…


Mary was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on June 15 1980, to sick parents (and I don’t mean rocking Mom and Dad), which meant she ended up being cared for by her grandparents from an early age. As a child she studied ballet which stood her in good stead as when her grandmother became ill she took a job as an exotic dancer to help pay the bills. The jump from exotic dancer to pornstar is a small one and it wasn’t long before this leggy blonde bombshell was working for Playboy TV. Mary has since appeared in over 80 adult movies and now has her own official website (this one).


One of the most fascinating insights is her pseudo political career which began during the 2003 California recall election. Her then employer Kick Ass Pictures dreamt up a publicity stunt whereby Mary would run for Governor - unbelievably she placed tenth out of 135 candidates! Who knows maybe one day Mary Carey will be President?!


So as you can see Mary Carey has had quite a life. On to the review… was launched in February 2010 and is quite a small offering. Currently there are just 52 photo sets and 34 movies to shake your dick at.


Photo quality is excellent with high resolution images throughout. Download HR sets in zip files or view from a choice of high/medium res online in a slideshow tool. Quantity per set varies anywhere from 37 to 148 images and their all crisp and sharp. I would have liked to have seen more lingerie/stockings but that’s just me. A lot of the sets are simply stripping out of sexy dresses (not that, that is bad!).


Movie quality varies quite a bit with the best affording 1280x720 MPEG-4 HD, 960x540 WMV HD and some good Mobile formats. Some do look a bit grainy but you can enjoy seeing a dildo pushed in and out of Mary’s super tight crack. Shit I just cum!


Updates seem reliable enough (every 2 weeks or so) and you get 12 sites bundled with your membership so while $29.95 for 30 days may seem expensive initially for unrestricted network access its on the money. Good start but needs to develop and add more content.


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