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Reviewed 01 February 2011 is a brand new site with old credentials, having recently absorbed the long established and popular site Unfortunately, during the transition, it was decided to close so that all efforts could be concentrated on this new venture (and the fabulous St Mackenzies fictional school site). Its not all bad news though as the benefits are huge - members are now afforded the very finest High Definition movies, ultra high resolution imagery (2349x3500 pixel) and 15 updates per month, plus the awesome, 6 year old archive, brimming over with top UK totty.


Anyone that knows the UK glamour scene will instantly recognise stunning blonde Mackenzie who once again heads up the production team. is a must join for fans of unadulterated glamour photography, which is rapidly becoming a dying art. Its not a “hard” site by any stretch of the imagination, but then again its not devoid of full frontal nudity - on the contrary, there is plenty to peruse, but its all tastefully done. If you enjoy the erotic, more sensual approach as opposed the extreme gynaecological “in your face” style site, then this glam extravaganza will keep you enthralled for many, many months to come.


Right now, the content is split between the old and all-new incarnation. The latest material is slightly different from the “Mackenzie Girlfriends” content so it makes perfect sense to do it this way. The current crop is all High Definition and ultra high resolution imagery whereas the oldest Mackenzie Girlfriends material isn’t. Some of the content from the defunct Mackenzie Loves Nylons site is being added, but not the explicit “pink” material, as this site is pure softcore in the truest sense.


Once logged in, my first port of call was the “Models” section. This is where the content spilt is most obvious. The latest sets feature the following models: Amy Alexandra, Carole Hunt, Cat O'Connell, Danielle Mayes, Faye Taylor, Hayley-Marie, Jazmine Bloom, Kayla Klass, Kayleigh Williams, Lucy-Anne, Mackenzie, Samantha Bentley and Shay Hendrix.


I was feeling particularly energetic today so I have typed out all of the “Mackenzie Girlfriends models (phew!) that form the main archive prior to being established: Adele Summer, Alexandra, Ali Campbell, Amy Carter, Amy Green, Ana DeLeon, Ann French, Annalease, Bailey, Beckie Brown, Becky Hope, Brooke, Bailey, Cammy Watson, Candice, Carla Brown, Cassie B, Charlee, Charlotte Hames, Charlotte Renee, Charlotte-Louise, Chloe, Daryl Morgan, Donna T, Elise, Elle, Ellie Taylor, Emma, Emma T, Emma Wylde, Emma-Claire, Faye, Fi Stevens, Fiona-Jane, Gemma Massey, Hannah Thomas, Holly Newberry, Jade Bentley, Jade-Victoria, Jamie, Jane-Louise, Jemma Jey, Jennie R, Jenny Laird, Jenny Morris, Joanna Leacy, Jodie Nicholls, Jordana, Kate, Kate Banks, Katie Harte, Kayla Fox, Kayleigh Page, Keira, Kirsty Corner, Kizzy, Lacey Taylor, Laula, Laura, Laura Lee, Lisa, Lisa-Marie Bourke, Louise Law, Lucinda, Lucy James, Lucy T, Maria Fowler, Maya, Megan Moore, Melanie Boorman, Melissa Stone, Michelle, Monica Harris, Morgan Lees, Morgan Valentine, Nadia, Naomi Perez-Lopez, Naomi White, Nicole Lauren, Nikki F, Nikkilee, Ola, Olivia, Petra So, Philippa Wood-May, Rachael B, Rachael-Victoria, Rachel, Rachel Frodsham, Sam Tye, Samantha, Shel, Skye Fox, Stacey O'Connell, Stacey-Jane, Stephanie Knight, Stephanie Wayne, Stevie-Louise, Tanya Lewis, Tara Taylor, Taylor Skye, Teta-Maria, Tiffany Taylor, Vanessa, Vicci Goulding, Victoria James, Von and Yazmin.


As you can see there are a lot of well known Brit chicks here, some have since moved over to the popular UK TV sex chat scene such as Babestation and/or can be seen on other similarly inspired softcore sites, that said, content here is 100% exclusive to


Each model has a short bio page with all her wares (photos/video) displayed beneath. Some girls have more content than others and you can expect anything from 4 sets (mixed photo/video) to over 25, so there is a lot to go at. There are definitely more photographs than video and its all date stamped so you know when it was originally uploaded.


Stockings, pantyhose and pretty lingerie are the order of the day. Posing and stripping to full nude or teasing and leaving your imagination to do the rest. Its all good stuff. Barring the odd set, all content is available to download and keep forever, however there is no slideshow tool for viewing galleries online. There are handy “Download zip file” links at the top of each gallery, just so you know, and generally you can expect 50+ images per set, some a lot more.


The movies are all WMV format and the new ones genuine HD quality so look absolutely stunning full screen. They maybe short and there is no streaming option, but nevertheless they are still worth downloading.


As the overall archive is large, it would have been nice to see more extensive navigation options, particularly where the pics and video are concerned - separating these would be very useful. In addition, a site search engine would be a godsend. A ”Shop” link points nowhere (dead link), as it recently closed, so a bit of tidying up is in order. All in all though it’s the content you are buying into and all that is well above par. A “Forum” brings up the rear, but its not very active at the moment.


Membership fees are as attractive as the glamour girls on show, with three enticing options available. 30 days costs a flat rate $25, 60 days $45 and 90 days $60. The latter works out at wallet appealing $20 per month in real terms. If you Love UK Glamour Girls, then you should join NOW!


If you enjoyed this one, why not check out, another outstanding site from the ever lovely Mackenzie. It’s a classic!


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