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Reviewed 14 August 2011


Lexxi Tyler may not be a household name like some porn stars but if you like ‘em blonde, tall and busty she will still impress!


Born on May 16, 1983, in (no sniggering), Beaverton, Oregon, she has appeared in 32 adult flicks specializing in the art of lesbian lurve. Funnily enough she isn’t actually a carpet muncher at all and is happily married with a kid. This brown eyed beauty has mixed Italian/Spanish roots which shows in her alluring Latin looks. Lexxi has a weird tattoo above her pussy and I must say a dodgy nipple/boob job, but overall she is as hot as they come. or if you prefer (their both the same) was launched in early 2009 and showed great promise. Alas this was short lived as by December 2009 things had come to a screeching halt. Not entirely sure why as she was on a roll during 2009 and was even “Penthouse Pet of the Month” for May of that year. I’m coming to the conclusion that she has retired from the scene so what we have here, albeit 100% exclusive material, is just an inactive archive and not a very big one at that.


Sorry folks but there are just 27 photo galleries and 23 movies to savour and savour them you should as there ain’t going to be anymore!


At least the pictures are available in high resolution zips and all of the movies are WMV HD and include some excellent mobile versions to boot, plus streaming flash if that’s the way you want to go.


Like I said earlier, Lexxi’s claim to porno fame is her lesbian scenes. Plenty of top notch a-hole rimming and pussy consumption to be had as around half the total scenes feature two or more girl on girl fucking sessions. The solo babe posing in lingerie sets are not bad either its just a bummer there aren’t more.


As a porn star site goes its not too bad. Its competently done, looks pretty and operates without a hitch. Consider this… it doesn’t update anymore and there isn’t a lot of content - so you decide if its worth $29.95 per month! Ultimately the saving grace is that is part of a 12 babe portal so you’ll be rewarded with a lot more cock pumping than this site alone provides.


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