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Reviewed 20 November 2010


If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought this site was designed just for me. Why? Because I’m addicted to the dreaded weed and obsessed with glamour girls! Anyway as you can see by the title this is for the nicotine fetishists that enjoy watching sexy girls undressing to nude while simultaneously smoking cancer sticks. It’s a great combination and even if you are an organic carrot crunching health freak and despise cigarettes like they are the anti Christ you have to admit there is nothing sexier than a hot lingerie draped babe dragging on a sparked up Marlboro.


Delving deeper into the site its clear this is quiet a soft site and not all the sets/scenes culminate in naked antics. The majority do and some sets include toys to satisfy their wet snatches while filling their lungs with tobacco’s finest carbon monoxide deposits (cool!). Bizarrely for a softcore site I did happen across some man dick in a handful of random scenes, but don’t expect a lot of hardcore sucking/fucking as there isn’t much.


As far as content goes it all stacks up for a rewarding experience - 151+ movies and 80+ photosets of some really smokin’ hot chicks (pun for the day). These are presented in their own dedicated sections suitably labelled ‘Pictures’ and ‘Videos’ . Their not in any particular order but its all to easy to just flick through them so not a problem at all.


The latest picture galleries are high resolution but even the older ones aren’t bad. There are two resolution choices either Medium or Large, and selection determines how big the images are when enlarged. There are no zip downloads so I’m afraid you’ll have to select the pictures you want to save manually. It’s a bit old skool but worked for me.


Movies are quite short 5 minute or so productions and not exactly epic, but still worth watching as the latest versions come in fantastic quality HD (Windows Media). Some of the earlier material comes in one or two WMV versions (High/Low) and some flicks have been formatted especially for Apple’s shiny iPod/iPhone (MPEG-4).


Action is exactly what I would expect from a smoking fetish site. Sounds obvious but its just lots of girls smoking inside and outdoors. Its true to that and also the glamour angle, with lots of chicks ranging in age from 18-50, in stockings, pantyhose, corsets and lingerie. Sure, some aren’t but overall its consistent and I really rate this one. Its not at all fancy, but don’t let that put you off its honest and solid material. I found myself reaching for my ciggies and cock at the same time and that’s no lie!


Membership costs $24.95 for 30 days unrestricted access, which won’t burn a hole in your pocket especially with the added bonus of 25+ sites included for free. Definitely one to check out if cigarettes sucking girls are your thing too.


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