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Reviewed 19 October 2009


Its always a good sign when I get that download feeling! I should explain. Reviewing adult sites is great, don’t get me wrong, but the downside is that with a growing back log of sites to mull over, time is of the essence. Unfortunately I can’t dwell or spend months on end at one site (mores the pity), so my cunning plan usually involves hitting random galleries and movies to gauge the overall feel. Sometimes I get the urge to pillage the site for my own stash, but with a hard drive heaving with over 3 gigs of pussy, I have to be choosey. That leads me back to the very first sentence in a round about way. See, once I logged into I simply couldn’t resist hitting that ZIP link under each models picture and before long I had collected a sizeable bounty of beautiful softcore imagery like a Squirrel hoarding nuts for winter! I stopped at ten but I think I’ll be back for more once I’ve written this.


Hey, remember the review back in September? Well, this site comes from the same people, Breeze Media, so you get something very similar in terms of content, design and look. Michael White is once again behind the lens and he certainly has an artistic eye when it comes to stylised nude photography. This is purest and accomplished - a labour of love. You wont find anything explicit here folks so if you were expecting a plethora of 9 inch vibes, gaping assholes or fucking action then please take a look at some of our raunchier reviews (maybe This is softcore, or should I say soft focus because its equally about the way the light catches the models skin as it is about the models form. It has integrity running through it - its nude art meets glamour meets photography head on. Its done very well with a subtle blend of settings, scenes, lingerie - its moody and reflective, especially the monochrome sets.


Currently there are 74 exquisite models within and the vast majority hail from the UK. There are some well known glamour names like Carla Brown (, Hayley Marie Coppin ( and Yvette Merriman (a regular presenter on Babestation here in the UK), plus a host of other lovelies - some new to the scene (amateurs I guess we should call them). Each model has at least one photo set (some 10+) and in turn each collection contains around 150-200 fantastic quality photos, so add that lot up and there must be close to 40,000 images (but don’t quote me on that). Speaking of quality the very latest sets have gone ballistic with resolution - 2832x4256 pixels seems to be the new standard (though the older material is still excellent. These are real, genuine screen fillers make no mistake.


Good job I’m observant. I nearly didn’t notice that during January 2009 the site producers introduced a few mp4 movies. Great. Well not quite so great as the photo galleries but least they have made the effort to include some ‘moving’ material. Maybe these will improve with time, they seemed a bit shakey to be honest - too much panning for my liking anyway. I’m going to put my neck on the block and say they are a tad over average and I preferred the galleries, you may think differently.


The site is elegantly designed and ease of use is just that. No problems getting around and barring the omission of any type of search tool, I found the navigation to be more than adequate.


If erotic nude art turns you on then is definitely one to consider. Likewise if you are a budding art photographer wanting to pick up some composition tips or maybe you just simply enjoy the female form (don’t we all?!) then you wont go far wrong joining this site. And at $21.53 for 30 days recurring access, like the site itself, it’s a fine investment.


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