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Reviewed 09 August 2010


Taking pictures of naked women isn’t as easy as it looks. To capture the very essence of sensuality takes a keen eye, technical skill and a lot of thought. I adore nude art sites but there are only a few that really pull it off on all levels. Quantity over quality sometimes spoils the original intent and as with all things these days, commercialism takes over and artistic flair gets lost in the financial quest.


It would be wrong of me to compare with the big well established nude art sites as this is a very small one man operation and the site has only recently been launched. That said, the quality of photography is easily on par with the very best on show at MC-Nudes or Met-Art which is a testament to its creator Olivier De Ryke.


Olivier is not new to photography and is as accomplished in the nude genre as he is with portraits, landscapes and fashion shoots. Ultimately Olivier’s goal has always been to provide spellbinding imagery using his totally refined approach with the emphasis on excellence rather than sheer volume. Perfect sets, stunning locations and rich toned lighting adds more than just atmosphere it creates for a surreal experience - ethereal that’s exactly what it is. From what is on offer right now, I can assure you he is faithful to the cause.


Olivier has amassed over 40,000 softcore images and over the coming months these will be sorted and categorized ready for the site. Currently there are 306 images split between 50 albums and 17 gorgeous models to peruse. Of course this is not the largest archive online today, but don’t forget its about the quality not simply hundreds of almost identical pictures and in that respect its second to none.


Gigantic 3000x2000 pixel images are standard and are more like posters than photographs. I could comfortably have one or two of these on my lounge wall - they are that good. I have a few personal favorites but the set with Krystina stands out - gorgeous rich lighting accentuating her bridal headwear and veil to stunning effect - this is top notch magazine cover style photography not just an online collection of random images. These genuinely are beautiful creations.


Site design and layout works well enough but would benefit long term from some search options, a quality slide show tool and dedicated zip downloads, but for a first attempt its adequate. There are no videos just images and I don’t foresee Olivier moving into this area anytime soon, if ever.


If you adore nude art and appreciate honest, original photography then please do take a look and support Olivier by joining his site. Remember it’s a work in progress but new material is being added on a weekly basis. Olivier is realistic about some of the current drawbacks so has wisely set the membership fee at an unbelievably low 5 Euros for 30 days unrestricted access!


Is it worth it? Most definitely, one to keep a close eye on - an erotic legend in the making I feel.


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