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Reviewed 5 September 2008


When I first saw the URL, I thought either I’ve been surfing too much porn lately or that’s a typo! In fact I was wrong on both counts. This is a site dedicated to the much vaunted talents of photographer and film maker Erro (hence the play on words). The only other Erro I know of is a crater on the moon, but that’s another story - this one features nude girls so no contest really. Affiliated to both Met-Art and Met-Models, Errotica-Archives completes the trio and continues the tradition of bringing gorgeous girls to our computer screens like no other. Slick softcore content and no mistake.


Login to the members area and you’ll be initially greeted by a complete page welcoming you to the Official Gateway for Errotica-Archives. This not just a gesture of acceptance in to the fold, no, this page details everything you need to know about surfing this site to get the best possible usage from your browser, be that Internet Explorer or AOL, what add-on software not to use while surfing - basically lots of really useful information so you can fully enjoy the photographic content made by the Errotica team.


Once inside its business as usual. Beautifully presented pages only surpassed by the sheer dynamic magnitude of the models presence. Its easy to see why the ‘Met family’ score highly and are so popular. The current backdrop is deep jet black and this really pushes the imagery outermost, right into your retina. Black backgrounds can sometimes look cheap like a nasty TGP gallery but its excels here. Some flashy mouse over buttons add a touch of colour and point you in the direction of models, updates and movies. Traditional top navigation is a breeze to use and further into the site you can fully exploit the excellent navigation by enhanced drop down boxes. Here you can further hone your model search parameters via name, country, age, hair colour, eye colour, bust size and even star sign (see I wasn’t that far off with the crater thing!). That surely is comprehensive - if you can’t find your desired female that way you must be way too choosey!


The Met series is famous for their often imitated, but never bettered magazine style covers, which also  double up as thumb links to further content and this carries over to Errotica-Archives. In addition a more funky modern look in the form of rectangular imagery adorns the models area, which once clicked leads to the individual models photo sets, movies and bio section. Members can rate the models as is the norm these days. Very competently done.


Errotica-Archives is just that. Its an archive of Erro’s substantial workload dating back to 2004. Currently this equates to 170+ movies, 91,000+ images gleaned from 167 unique models and rest assured those numbers will just keep on rising with daily updates.


As you can see from the stats, this site has a bias towards photographs than movies - it’s a fact that porno punters prefer moving images and that can’t be denied but that’s not what is important here. Classic unadulterated nude forms are in the ascendancy and long may it continue. The quality has to be seen to be believed. No where can you obtain such high resolution images up to 7000 pix/39 Mpix.  Just take a look  at the sample galleries (left) and bear in mind these are low resolution (which often get passed off as Hi Res on some sites!). A varied selection of scenes enhance the stunning girls afforded for our pleasure. Perfectly executed, with exquisite mood lighting, choose to view online via thumbnails or slideshow and then download the set to keep - available in four sizes, all zipped up ready to go.


Though movies are down there in the hundreds that’s not to say they aren’t worth a look, on the contrary, HD quality 1280 x 720 pix fills the screen perfectly and ranks up there with the best. Downloads options include DivX, Quicktime, Windows Media and iPod - variations to satisfy all needs. HD video is the buzzword these days and its been fully embraced here and will continue to be so. If you adore gorgeous girls, slowly slipping out of their briefs to full nude, while posing in delightful settings, then adding this superb HD archive to your collection is a must. The movies come in four download sizes according to your viewing needs and are zipped up. The only marginally disappointing aspect here was the search element. Unlike the photos its not quite so easy to sort what you want, as all the movies (those listed under the movies banner anyway)  are listed in update order. That said rather than use this method I personally would head to the model search area, type in her name and all the content for your online lovely  is there at your fingertips.


Site extras include a downloads section where more fine examples of Erro’s work can adorn your monitor in the form of wallpapers with resolutions from 1280x800 to 1600x1200. My Favourites needs little explanation - a place to save all your model sets and similar. Live Cams is free for public shows though you’ll need to dig deep for a private show, something like $2.99 per minute. An excellent FAQ/Support section round off the site.


Summing up. Erro is the top rated photographer at Met-Art, and rightly so, his vision, his creation, it shows. This is a fantastic site for softcore or erotic art fans that really appreciate the fine lines of the female form. Highly recommended site.


Check out the current deals on offer to join Met-Art and Met-Models as well as Single site membership to is $19.99 (our advice try the 3 site, 3 day trial, you won’t look back from there).


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