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Reviewed 01 November 2009


Dream Kelly is a cute gal who will definitely remind you of Barbie and whether she's blonde (streaked pink, of course), or brunette (she changes back and forth la dee daaa) or redhead (a few times), you'll probably find something to like about her. Just think of it as three girls for the price of one! This is a teen (legal, of course) solo girl site and the colors on the main page leave no doubt about that: pink, pink and more pink. Well, there are some pastel greens, too, but mainly pink. If you're a fan of this girl you'll probably remember her from an earlier site, TeenKelly. In addition to her, you also have access to her friends - other hot nubile chicks offered on bonus sites through this network, HD Porn Pass. So, if you find this place a bit softcore after awhile, there's harder stuff around the corner.  For my tastes, she goes a little overboard on the Hello Kitty pink theme, but if you're longing for an escapist, very easy on the eyes outlet, you'll enjoy your time spent here.  She's certainly a pretty girl, with a great ass and tight body.


The home page, which has some free pics to peruse, says she "just" started this site in 2005 when she was 18. It's 2009 so maybe it's time for an update! Well, let's cut her some slack... she may not be 18 anymore, but she still fits quite well in the teen niche with her innocent, fresh, and youthful looks. 200+ photo galleries, hi res glamour shots, and 177 video clips beckon you to join in the fun.


Getting around the site is fairly easy, although at first glance it feels a bit cluttered, being part of the HD network, they include links to other included member sites and specials, but the basic navigation area consists of: "Home", "My Videos" "My Galleries" and "My Friends". Click on My Videos and voila, you're in Hello Kitty Land! Just kidding... you're ready to see what Kelly has waiting for you.


The first thing I noticed is that Kelly's more recent videos show her as a brunette. So, I guess she's decided to rock that look for awhile, perhaps to move away somewhat from the blond bimbo teen image she shows in earlier shoots. I checked out a number of her clips, which ran an average of 6-8 min long.  Her latest update as of this review was "Steamy Bath Part 1" - clips are often divided into parts. This one was okay and will appeal to those who enjoy simply taking in the sight of a beautiful young woman exploring and teasing. In most of her scenes, she uses a dildo or vibe to play with herself... fairly softcore but erotic nonetheless. In the bath scene, she uses a glass dildo  while sitting on the side of a luxurious tub, sumptuous elegance, nice close-ups of her masturbating, no background music, quietly doing her thing. Running time, a little over 9 minutes. While some jaded viewers may be bored by this style of erotica, others will certainly appreciate it and find it refreshing to watch.


Most of her clips follow pretty much the same formula, which perhaps is why she likes to change her looks and pose/tease in a wide variety of settings. You'll see Kelly at the beach, in the locker room, on a boat, poolside (and on a pool table!), at the park, and in a variety of exotic and beautiful outdoor as well as indoor locations. She likes the bath, shower, bubbles, and running water around her. Relaxing, soothing erotica - nothing wrong with that in my book. Many tease/solo shoots have music in the background which I usually don't like but in her case, I think it fits with what she's doing here. She also gets into a variety of outfits - bikinis, princess, "girl scout", cute little teen outfits, and in one shoot she has a  Barbie funhouse she crawls in and out of. See? I told ya she'd remind you of Barbie! Hee hee. But this isn't just a dress up party - she really uses her body as her primary tool of pleasure. In the clip "Lost In Toyland" this petite girl gets busy with a HUGE purple dildo and gathers all her various sex toys on the bed for use, so she does have a bit of "hard" in her softcore at times. She also does some anal with a toy in "Anal Pleasure", so there's a variety of things going on here. Another scene, "Sharing My Bed" was also pretty hot, as she vibes herself and seems genuinely into it. It would be nice if Kelly talked a bit more - in most clips she doesn't say anything as she focuses more on the tease angle. It would also be helpful if they'd include a search function by action or category. With so many clips, it would be appreciated. Until that time, you'll just have to hunt around. Each scene is accompanied by a thumbnail pic and description, so you do have a bit of idea beforehand.


Some of her clips were too photo-shootey for me, especially her earlier vids (camera guy clicking away as Kelly poses endlessly), but of course during all that posing you get to see her beautiful bod, so that's a GOOD thing! Videos are available for download in a variety of formats: streaming HD, WMV or Quicktime or full download in HD, WMV or Quicktime. The video quality for the most part was very good. The main page says, "weekly updates", although there are no dates provided for the vids, so I have no way of knowing what their actual update schedule is. However, with this large an archive, it seems they've been consistent with adding new content since 2005 and are probably on track for continued additions.


Click on "My Galleries" and you'll arrive at Kelly's pix area. There are no dates on the photos, so I can't be sure of updates or when they add new stuff. There's a lot here, though. She's really in her element posing for the camera, showing off her flawless petite and toned body and pretty teen looks. Most are of the tease/strip type, or showing her in erotic posing with vibe or dildo, nude or nearly nude. Unfortunately, not in zip files. Most seem to track with the videos although there is no direct linkage between a particular video and photo set. Individual galleries contain on average a fairly large number of pix, usually 200+ and are beautiful crisp hi res, although not huge, around 680x2024. The photos are certainly good for getting that extra glimpse of this sexy vixen.


As a softcore solo girl site, the main downside I see is perhaps not enough interactivity between her and the viewers. She doesn't have a blog, a forum, or webcam, so unfortunately she's a little distant from her audience. Not a huge complaint, and one which shouldn't stop you from enjoying her natural charms.


Clicking on "My Friends" shows the bonus solo girl sites that you gain 100% free access to with membership to Dream Kelly - seven additional hottie teen babe sites: All About Ashley, Hot Haley, Jenny Heart, Sarah Sexton, Solo Sydney, Want Wendy and Naughty Nati.


A link to Customer Service and billing support is located at the bottom of the page.


Dream Kelly isn't for you hardcore fanatics, there's no guys around (except that lucky camera guy who gets to feast his eyes on her bod!), but if you like innocence, youth, freshness, and quality, Kelly is happy to have you drop by. As part of a huge smut network like HD Porn Pass, which includes 50+ sites, plus the bonus included teen sites, I think Dream Kelly becomes a good value for your dollar.


P.S.I like her better as a blonde, but that's just me!


Membership costs $4.95 for a 5 day trial or $29.99 per month - pay by credit card or check to see the hottest teen babes around!


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