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Reviewed 14 September 2009


I’ve been in seventh heaven recently - so many good softcore girlie sites to peruse. And it continues today with a look at, an erotic site with favorable credentials. Firstly, for anyone not familiar with this site it should be explained that its not some sort of Sado gagging site - on the contrary its as far removed from that sort of thing as I am from living on the Moon! Its more a sharp intake of breath at the sheer beauty of the models and luxurious photographic skills of Michael White and his colleague Nuke.


Breath-Takers has been around since September 2007 and has amassed an exquisite collection of erotica and nude studies. Currently there are 72 models split between 338 photo sets (containing 30,934 images) and 24 movies - the very latest being in fabulously rich full HD 16:9 widescreen.


The layout is artistically competent yet simplistic, with very few options and no search parameters - I’m guessing this is because its relatively moderate in size. In the sites defense it works fine but there is room for improvement with the navigational elements. The introduction of a site-wide drop down menu listing all the girls by name for both galleries and downloads would be of great assistance. Having returned to the site a week later for a look round, my fresh eyes noticed that some of the previous moans I had about navigation and linkage were unfounded. I just needed to look closer (I will book an appointment with my Optician!). I still don’t like the navigation much - I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is but it could be that content seems too many clicks away. Again its down to personal browsing taste I guess.


Photographically speaking this is right up there with leading nude sites like MC-Nudes, Met-Art and Teen Models for settings, clarity and image size resolution. In fact their lowest resolution is high (1024 pixels) and their premium resolution is what I’d call ultra, ultra, ultra large (4256 pixels) - so big in fact even my 22 incher was groaning!


The models are what you’d expect at a predominantly nude-art site - perfect in every respect, poise and look. Subtle lighting, often by window illumination, enhances the sensual feel and I have literally no complaints about the content quality at


30,000+ images compared to 24 short videos means you won’t be buying into a massive movie vault but for the imagery alone and at $24.90 for 30 days (recurring at just $20 per month thereafter), its definitely worth a look.


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