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Reviewed 26 November 2009 - Revisited 09 April 2010


Updated 28 August 2011


Its all been happening over at! Regular readers may recall this site was launched back in 2008 and I have been a regular visitor ever since. I think it would be fair to say that this strip tease portal has been finding its feet over the last couple of years and its finally reached its pinnacle. There have been wholesale changes across the board and everything looks much more polished than before. Just about every UK glamour babe is included (plus a huge library of Euro snatch) and you can expect to see a lot more of these girls “bits” than you do at other softer sites.


Previously focused purely on video presentations and while there is nothing wrong with that concept, this site was crying out for some gorgeous photo galleries to complement the movies. Well, good news folks, that’s exactly what has been done. As a result its become a fully rounded production and I applaud this decision.


Navigation seems more user friendly too with plenty of options to find what you are after. My usual moan about sites like this is that content is mixed up but not here. Movies and photos are separated in two sections and also available within each model’s bio. You can even adjust how things are displayed in your browser via the “My BabeSpotting” link.


Photos can be viewed online in a super thumbnail slideshow tool or downloaded in zip files - there are two options, regular and large. These are true high/ultra resolution so you definitely won’t be disappointed with the quality.


Movies can be streamed in a pop up flash player or downloaded in MOV format. And while their not very long (5-10 minutes average) their top notch HD quality.


Action comprises of soft core posing and stripping, however if you check out the dirty babes, such as Lucy Zara and Lolly Badcock you can expect some harder action involving open gash and toys (plus girl on girl). These are clearly marked as “XXX Video” and contain some great pussy and ass hole close-ups.


An interesting inclusion is a brand new section called “Power Girls“ or sexy lap dancers turned super heroes to you and me. Think DC Comics, Wonder Woman, that sort of thing (nude of course). Right now there are just three chicks: Lindsey Strutt as “Rush”, Emma Frain as “Lynx” and Lisa Cross as “Maxi”. I guess its early days and I‘m not entirely sure where their going with this so I am slightly perplexed. Its certainly original and probably would make a decent site in its own right - maybe that’s the plan? Who knows. Anyway there are a few tongue in cheek super hero parody style videos, photo galleries, posters and desktop wallpapers to download. Be sure to check out the female version of the incredible hulk (Maxi), she has some huge green biceps! The movies are fun, badly acted, but fun - worth checking out for sure.


Much progress has been made over the last three years and while originally this may have been a novelty short term site its now got the credentials and large archive to entice members to stay a lot, lot longer. Membership costs have not risen either so 30 days still costs just $24.99, which is what we like to see.


Great new features, tonnes more content and gorgeous naked babes makes this a winner in my book.


Score up from 8.7 to 9.8!


For additional information please refer to the original review below


I have just received word that there has been a few changes over at You may recall I had a few gripes about this site when I reviewed it last November, most notably the lack of downloads and video size. Well, I’m back for an update to see what’s been going on.


Firstly, gone is the tiny in browser video format which has been replaced by a flashy movie overlay (for want of a better word) which can now be enlarged to full screen. Further improvements include a download link, so members have the option to save all the BabeSpotting videos which previously wasn’t possible. Movie format is QuickTime MOV with a screen resolution of 720x576 (square-ish looking) which though not 16:9 ratio is still pleasing on the eye at full screen.


Content has increased dramatically - 4 months ago the model line up was just 113 now its 139 and the video vault has expanded to 474. Movie duration is around the 3-5 minute mark which is okay for what is basically a strip show.


The rest of the site looks pretty tidy and no major changes are visually apparent. Search the archive by selecting either ‘Videos’ or ‘Our babes’ and then selecting the way the content is displayed by clicking one of the following: ‘Latest Added’, ‘Alphabetical‘, ‘Viewed‘ or ‘Top Rated‘. That just about works for me though I’d rather have a dedicated A-Z style listing where you can jump to a model by name rather than clicking next page arrows (if that makes sense?). A simple search engine would help especially as the site grows which it surely is and will. Updates are exceptional with a new video added daily.


I must say in the short time since the review feedback, the guys have taken onboard a lot of what’s been said and proactively amended the core issues. For that I’m impressed. The whole experience is now so much better. Maybe add a few image galleries per model to take it to a new level of excellence?


Score up from 7.9 to 8.7.


Anyway as updates go this is a very good one - $24.99 for 30 days has never looked better.


For additional information please refer to the original review below


Reviewed 26 November 2009


I’m a sucker for a brand new girlie site so when I heard that the guys behind the hugely successful ‘Only’ sites (,,, et al), had launched I was more than a excited to get in and see for myself.


Indeed this is something of a departure. If you are familiar with you’ll know what I mean. It’s a veritable eye-fest of unbelievably beautiful women posing and ultimately stripping out of luscious lingerie in a variety of settings. The sheer quantity blows you into low earth orbit and the quality is second to none, in fact the ’Only’ formula has spawned quite a few inferior clones since its launch in 2003.


Well, is totally different… I repeat totally! If I didn’t know who produced it I’m not entirely sure I would have figured it out. There are similarities however. Many of the babes are regulars over at OT - lovely classy ladies, mainly from the UK glamour scene such as HayleyMarie, Lindsey Strutt, Hannah Claydon and Kayleigh Pearson, many you’ll recognise from mainstream lads mags and softcore sites. The tease style strips are also reminiscent of good ole OT, however the big difference comes with the content. I should explain. There are no photo sets just streaming FLV format video. The major downside to this is that the Flash movies are only viewable within the browser window - and its minuscule to say the least. There is no way to enlarge it either. Using ingenuity (trade secret) I figured these are bit-rated at 774kbps so they are crisp and smoothly rendered, but the need for some sort of resizing options, right up to full screen, is essential. THIS HAS NOW BEEN RECTIFIED (see update). Furthermore, and wait for the groans of displeasure… these are streaming only, you can’t download anything… arrrgh!


The movies themselves are fine nothing particularly original but with 113 models currently employed there is a fair amount of videos to peruse, as each babe has 1 or more videos to her collection (generally 3 clips per girl). The average length of each movie is 3 minutes, which by some site standards is rather short. Having said that, I guess its all that is needed to get the ‘job’ done!


Navigational elements work as expected and are suitable for the limited links. To be fair there aren’t many of the latter as the site is simplistically laid out with: Members Home, Videos and Our Babes forming the core. To the left is the Top Ten Babes pane which scrolls vertically to display the most popular videos as voted by members. Each model has a short bio, plus details of where she originates - fascinating as I live next door to one or two!


From a content point of view, I’d say its getting there. It still pretty fresh, so expect more with time. Fans that prefer a bit more pussy than is offered at OT’s flagship sites will be rewarded at with some of the girls flashing their hairless cracks for the first time here (pay rise maybe?). This is a definite bonus (check out Carla Brown stripping to full nude, oh yeah).


Alas, I return to the limited nature of this site. You are paying for streaming video not downloads. Don’t expect any extras because currently there aren’t any. If you were expecting a site that oozes with all that is good about OnlyTease and its spin offs then you may well be disappointed. And that worries me. I too am a fan of everything they do but I’m not overly convinced this is the right direction. Time will tell, figure out the movie size issue, add some photos, maybe even allow us to download and that will placate me for a while. Its not bad, just not as good as I hoped or expected considering its lineage.


Membership is also high considering all that’s been said. There are three membership deals all of which are recurring: 30 days $24.99; 60 Days $44.99; and 90 days $57.99.


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