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Reviewed 24 November 2011


I spend a hell of a lot of time online searching down top porn sites to review, negotiating deals and then reviewing said porn sites till my fingers go numb, so after a strenuous daily eye fucking the best way to relax of an evening is to slump in front of the box with a cold beer and packet of smokes (or fags as we say over here). There is only so much Discovery Channel a guy can take so its not long before I start flicking up and down the satellite listing in my quest for… wait for it… naked chicks! Yes, I have a problem and its tits and ass! I can’t get enough of porn - 24 hours just aint long enough. Anyway one of my favourite haunts is BBTV not to be confused with those stuffy old bastards known as the BBC, nope BBTV or Bluebird TV to give it its proper name, is one of those saucy late night phone in shows. You know the sort of thing, a lovely sexy babe gets her knockers out while some dirty old fat wanker on the other end of the telephone line does the dirty deed (marvellous). pays homage to these darlings of the telecommunications age and this is the official site and ideal companion to the TV broadcast - you can now whack off by day and night to all your favourite phone sex birds.


Fucking hell, I didn’t realise how many models the Bluebird TV crew had recruited over the years. Flicking through the A-Z of muff, my dick went all funny when I counted up 276 hot babes and noticed all the names I’ve become familiar with over the years. Girls such as Donna Duke, Alyson Mac, Amanda Rendall, Annie Bullah, Emma Butt, old Patti (no offence she is old), Eva May and Tina Love to name just a few. This site really is the bollocks!


Its all nicely laid out too with user friendly navigation and a cool keyword feature on most pages, plus an active Forum to boot. Content is split between photos and videos and you can save stuff in your own Favourites folder.


The photo archive is pretty sizeable with 186+ galleries to tug over online or download in glorious zipped up high resolution sets. Content quantity varies between sets but you can expect upwards of 40 some many more - for the record there are over 114,000 individual images in total. The video content generally consists of recorded TV shows - I wasn’t quite so keen on these - I preferred the galleries to be honest. I believe there are 75+ short-ish 3 minute or so videos online at the moment and this section would be all the more amazing if the archive was expanded to include past shows as not all of us can stay up past 4am to see our favourite chicks on the TV. Movie formats include MPEG-4, Flash, Quicktime and WMV, all encoded in stunning 3000k bit rate - download or stream the choice is yours.


Anyway as a fan of the show I reckon this hit’s the button - the image galleries are gorgeous and while they may only be solo babe posing shoots, these sweeties generally show a bit more flesh than they are allowed to on free to air TV so it’s a win win situation all the way to the lube. Daily updates means you will never tire of waiting for new content to arrive either.


Okay fellow pervs you can join right now and get all this naughtiness for just $19.99 per month which is a mighty fine deal and personally recommended by me - so what are you waiting for?


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