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Reviewed 05 November 2011


I received an email the other day from a chap called JJ Love, explaining that he’d set up a new website dedicated to asses and this site would blow me away. Furthermore JJ stated that there would be NO fish eye lenses (to exaggerate the butt sizes I guess?) only Pure Asses without any tricks. JJ Love wants to show the world what a real ass site looks like, nothing but ASS! Shown the way a true Ass connoisseur will appreciate. Funnily enough I headed over to the site for a quick butchers. I had to laugh when I noticed JJ is the founding member of the AIT (Ass Institute of Technology). This guy really takes his assholes seriously!


Anyway, would I like to review it? FUCK YEAH! is pretty much brand new and as such it’s a bit light on content right now. I’m assured that new content is being shot and fresh butts added to the roster, so hang in there folks this could be an amazing site one day.


I must confess to being an ass man myself (well tits and vag too!). I really get off on a particular “angle” when it comes to arse. The chick has got to be naked and bent over so you can see the chocolate starfish and fleshy cunt lips in a reverse camel toe type situation. A really big bubble butt works best. Anyone that likes that sort of thing will be rewarded with lots of examples (just check out our sample galleries). My personal favourite is Jen Capone - her perfect arse is just begging to be fucked, but I digress.


Site design is simple yet effective. Its accomplished and does the job right now. Five main links form the menu system - Home, Photo Sets, Video Sets, Links and Support. In reality as a member you’ll only need two: the pics ‘n flicks! Maybe a model database with bios and all that crap, plus some other snazzy things us reviewers appreciate (scene voting, bonus sites, free beer?) could be added in the future JJ?


I didn’t need to dust down the trusty abacus today as there are only 16 movies and 26 photo galleries. The update schedule is bi weekly or twice a month if you prefer. That means it will take a long fucking time for Ass Amazing to really pack a punch.


Content quality is very good. WMV movies (920x540) are around 18 minutes in length and available to download in a pre zipped files. Clips and the full feature are available which is excellent. No other formats at the moment but streaming HD (1080x720), courtesy of Flow Player, is a stunning option should you prefer.


Photo galleries are traditional ye olde skool thumbnail grid format and strangely enough there is no slideshow option, so expect to hose down your mouse after each session. Again members can download the galleries in zip files without restriction. 100+ nice quality pictures per set really showcase the ass on offer.


JJ has done a good job here. Its still in the formative stage, but I can see this one rolling and gathering more ass and kudos along the way. The action right now is soft core (a-hole fingering is as hard as it gets) and its true to the cause - focused firmly where it should be THE ASSES and that gets my thumbs up every time.


Membership is a tad high considering the content volume but least its good quality. Definitely one to keep an eye on. Expect to pay around $19.99 for your monthly meat fest. Booty-full!


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