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Reviewed 10 March 2010


Sorry for the delay getting this review online, but I have been taking my time with this one. Its not that I’ve been putting it off I can assure you - the complete opposite really. You see when this review is finished I really have no excuse to keep logging in and should move on. It’s a perv’s dilemma - albeit a very pleasant one. Anyway, I better do this now or I’ll get sidetracked watching Monkia caressing her lovely arse again. Welcome to the extremely erotic world of


Okay softcore fans, have we all heard of Goes without saying really. Easily one of the best soft girly tease sites around. Success spawned a series of similar ‘Only’ sites and also a movie only portal over at was added to their portfolio in May 2009 and has steadily grown into an amazing collection of erotica.


The two sites are very similar but while does just that - teases you - Art-Lingerie gives you more skin, more pussy, more nudity, straight out of the box! No waiting around for a 5 page strip only for the babe to coyly cover up her crack… no beating about the bush (pun), its… BOOM pussy in your face on page 1 and there is nothing wrong with that at all. In fact I am pleased that this content has been segregated to its own dedicated risqué site - offering up slightly more explicit content for fans of such while retaining the original elements that are so popular over at Well played guys!


First things first. Content quantity is not as gigantic as but that’s pretty obvious - it takes time to build up a massive archive but don’t get me wrong, Art-Lingerie is not a small site its rapidly expanding with 4 top notch updates every week.


51 models currently adorn this site with quite a few OnlyTease regulars getting their kit off such as Carla Brown and Michelle M. Trawling through the model database my personal highlights involved these totally naked lovelies: Christina Marie, Natalia X, Cikita, Sandra, Shay Laren and Bryoni Kate, the latter having quite possibly the smoothest waxed pussy ever (last time I saw a fanny that smooth it was on a Barbie doll).


I do apologise for making direct comparisons with, but its so similar it has to be said. Navigation, stupendous search engine (where you can define just about everything), add to favourites, its all there and its as good as the original.


Photographically its about as perfect as it gets too. Three razor sharp resolutions to choose from (Standard, Extra  Large and Ultra Large) available to download or view via the really neat slideshow tool. I’ll hazard a guess that there must be around 20,000 gallery images to add to your collection (but please don’t quote me, I didn’t count them individually). This is a super sexy site and I like the way a lot of the shoots start off - no knickers just stockings and bra. There are many, many pussy close-ups and when you view these in Ultra Large, they are actually life size (hmmm, just figuring out how to print these and make my own paper babe!).


Imagery is shot inside and out - artistic in nature (it is after all) but not pretentious if you know what I mean? Having said that one of the latest photosets (featuring Shay Laren) was all monochromey so just goes to show what I know. This winter has led to some interesting outdoor shoots. I enjoyed these but the models looked less pleased shivering in the buff with frosty pert nipples.


Video quality is outstanding with HD and High Resolution WMV formats available to stream or download and an iPod version (.m4v) for viewing on the lav. Phew, these HD videos are big (500 MB) so a decent beefed up server is essential and that’s what you get. I had no problem downloading with super lightning fast speeds of over 900kbps on my line. The models don’t exactly ‘act’ and some are better than others - its posing/reclining, bit awkward at times (no offence intended girls). These are not feature length productions either - average length being around the 10 minute mark (that’s potentially 5 whole wanks per video!!!). Still very watchable - I saved a few GB‘s for my stash.


Summing up… if you love pretty girls in stockings, suspenders, garters, knickers and bras stripping to the nuddy then what are you waiting for? Take a look right now. Membership starts at just under $25 for 30 days (recurring) which is bang on the money. I also noticed that there is currently a special deal going on - join this site today and get a reduced rate subscription to, what a bargain! Quality assured site with OT credentials - enough said.


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