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Reviewed 22 June 2010 - Revised and amended 25 June 2010


Alluring, Passionate, Desirable Nudes (or for short) is a relative newcomer on the softcore block. It promises a collection of erotic studies in a similar vein to sites such as MC-Nudes and Met-Art. Trouble is, competing with sites that have a distinguished track record is always going to be hard and I really hope this site does not fall at the first hurdle as there is obvious effort involved and a bit of lateral thinking too.


The site utilises a luxury black scheme which works well as a backdrop to the thumbnail imagery akin to the mock magazine covers synonymous with Met-Art and pretty much common at all erotic nude sites today.


I should point out that since the original review was written a number of significant changes have been made. Firstly, I was over the moon to see the ‘beta’ tag removed and replaced with a more accurate ‘Version 2’ label. Secondly the owner issued me with a full members pass that does indeed enable downloadable photoset zip files. This has given a new lease of life. Simply go to any Model profile (bio) page and click the ‘download’ link below the thumbnail, up will pop a small window, select either Low or High resolution and you are in business.


Something that is becoming very common is the way sites permit users to save various components within their own personal ‘account’ and no exception here. You can save your favourite models, photo sets, videos and so on in ‘My APD Nudes‘, which is a very useful and powerful library tool with infinite possibilities. Coupled with this is the fact that members can also vote and add comments - all in all pretty comprehensive features, I must say!


The amount of content or quality is commensurate with the 6 months or so this site has been live. There are 51 gorgeous models and each has downloadable photosets and or video presentations. Movies are very good quality but only available to stream in browser, well I tell a lie, it is possible to download the MPEG-4 files via Real Player and then view in QuickTime but it’s a convoluted way - a link would be better. Photo content is some of the best I’ve seen anywhere with gigantic 5500px representations showcasing the beautiful babes on offer. Even the low resolution photos are huge (1000px). Needless to say these are razor sharp - picture perfect compositions.


Okay in the original review I had a major gripe with the way the photographs were presented and I stand by that. But, and it’s a big but, a new gallery feature is to be added imminently which will give us ‘old skool’ gallery lovers the choice between the current high tech flashy approach and low tech (basically standard thumbnails and a download link). I must congratulate the owner for taking on board all the comments I made and taking immediate action to rectify them. employs some of the top erotic photographers working the nude circuit today such as Stefan A, Michael Ancher, Bruno, Phillipo B, Christof, Iain and Roman Korovin thus members are guaranteed a steady stream of arty soft focus orientated material. The babes are eye poppingly sexy and it was nice to see some of my favourites like Ariel, Carmen and Chelsea French. Nice work.


As now stands, it’s a genuine contender in the softcore market. 13,000+ images and 80+ videos is a decent quantity for a new site especially when I tell you that it updates 3-4 times a week and is one of the least expensive deals around at just $14.95 for 30 days access, which is a hell of a lot cheaper than its rivals. If continues in this fashion and maintains this standard it won’t be long before they are up there with the finest nude art sites online.


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