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Reviewed 16 October 2010 is a solo girl offering from the highly regarded stable and as such you can expect many wonderful things. Firstly, fantastic quality is guaranteed and secondly the 6 year archive contains a host of pretty sexy young babes. Note the plural, because although Ruth is quite obviously the star of the show - her sets dominate proceedings - a handful of her girl pals also feature in similarly inspired solo sets and one lesbian 3-girl movie. So for fear of using the pun, its not ‘all Ruth’, that would be the correct statement.


London based Ruth Linley is a 21 year old blonde beauty with an elegant 5'7" athletic frame and a bubbly personality that shines through the site. She has poise and presence that wouldn’t look out of place in mainstream modelling, but fortunately for us she decided to take the adult route exposing plenty of pink bits and her scrumptious 34D boobies for our unadulterated viewing pleasure. She may look all sweet and innocent but don’t be fooled, may contain some fabulous softcore arty posing, but its also riddled with stretched out twat and gaping a-holes - an interesting juxtaposition!


Launched in 2004, had been actively updating up until a few months back. Movie updates hit the brakes back in August 2008 but photosets continued to be produced and uploaded on a weekly basis until the end of May 2010. Not sure if this is a temporary situation or if it’s the end of the line, nevertheless there is a decent enough collection to moon over for a few months at least. The archive currently adds up like this: 259 photosets and 47 videos.


The photographs are truly wonderful and the latest material is 1333x2000 pixels in size. Razor sharp and skilfully captured in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor settings. As previously mentioned, there is genuine artistic flair going on - comparable with some of the finest nude art sites around. Remember that’s not all, this is a hard-softcore site with massive dildo masturbation and wide open sloppy gash and chocolate starfish to enjoy too.


By way of a small bonus, 11 wallpapers (small/medium/large resolutions) are provided so every time you boot up your computer you’ll get an eyeful of Ruth! A personal ‘Diary’ (last updated February 2010) and an ‘About Me’ section add to the fan site ambience. A webcam link is provided but due to technical difficulties its never been online (one day we hope).


The earliest movies come in two 640x360 formats (WMV/MPEG) while the later examples are joined by great looking 720x540 MOV. Choices are simple: stream in a pop-up window or download the full length flick (average 5-10 minutes in length). Beneath the movie links are some small video cap thumbnails so you can get an idea of what to expect from the video itself.


Site design is pleasing on the eyeballs and navigation works well enough, though I would have preferred a slightly different approach to the photo/video linkage. The photo section for example is spread over 29 pages (9 sets per page) and the only way to go through them is Next>> and << Back. To be honest its overcome somewhat by simply adding the appropriate page number to the URL suffix (ie p=2, p=3, p=4 and so on).


All in all a worthy collection of images of a really attractive Brit chick - I hope the update schedule gets a boost as it’d be a shame for this site to wither away especially at the equally attractive members fee. How much I hear you cry? Well, $19.90 will see you through the 100% exclusive door for 30 days unrestricted access. Check it out NOW!


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