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Reviewed 28 September 2010


The star of is undoubtedly the charismatic Zoli and I can’t believe its taken me nigh on two years to review my hero’s site - something of an oversight on my part I must confess. Zoli is what I’d call a right fucking naughty geezer. He’s a top bloke that divulges in all my manly passions: football, drinking lager, smoking and fishing! Of course, he is best known for porn and that’s high on my list of ‘hobbies’ too. Its definitely not just boring, yawn, yawn porn either, it’s the most depraved and smutty you’ll find (legally) on the net today.


Zoli has made his name in the bizarre POV reality fetish niche - encompassing fisting, speculum, blowjobs, extreme insertions, wide-open vaginas, bizarre gangbangs, toilet mouths, peeing, golden showers and pussy/anal stretching with huge toys and fucking machines! Guess what? Yep, no surprise, you get all that and more at!


Our Eastern European chum kind of stumbled into the adult world. He started out as a fat bastard dock worker but after working off the flab and being pointed in the right direction by a family member, already working the XXX scene, Zoli got a foot in the perverted door as a female pornstar’s assistant. It didn’t take long before Zoli was starring and directing all manner of disgusting movies, albeit under the guise of being a lowly ‘assistant’. Watch as he coerces these amateur chicks - encouraging them to get butt naked, before he gropes their pink slits and sticks his meat down their willing throats to taste his spunk. was launched in 2004 and in the past six years has amassed 1194 scenes (30 mins max per video) and over a hundred high resolution photosets (100+ images per set). There is also a ton of video capture files to download though quality is not the best (bit grainy to be fair). The earliest ‘moving’ material is generally lower quality (MPEG) than the new all singing, all dancing, WMV stuff - which is now produced in glorious 1080p HD. There are also iPod friendly MPEG-4 files for mobile jacking should you wish to crank one out on the bus.


Zoli doesn’t actually appear in each and every movie and I suppose as time has gone by, Zoli’s participation has dwindled somewhat, but the bizarre fetish scenes have remained true and honest. I love a good pissing site and this is where you’ll find some of the best POV reality style pee shoots. Plenty of piss drinking, boy on girl and girl on boy - if you enjoy his genre you’ll be lapping it up too.


The update schedule has slowed quite considerably recently, but the site is still hanging in there - new content was added in August 2010 - so I’m guessing that there will be more of the same coming soon, but just don’t expect a steady flow. That said there is a lot of fetish to get through and members are rewarded with loads of freebies to take up the slack. There are no download restrictions and everything is 100% exclusive which is even more of a bonus. provide access to some amazing loyalty bonus sites (such as Anal Teen Angels, Mighty Mistress and Nude Fight Club) and the longer you remain a member the more sites get unlocked (29 initially, right through to 50 after 3 months). 30 days access costs just $19.95 and rebills at just $9.95 after the third month - outstanding value for money. There maybe a lot of pissing at this site but the price doesn’t take the piss at all. Go for it!


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