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Reviewed 17 June 2009 is an excellent VOD (Video on Demand) site that you need to check out! VOD makes sense: download adult DVD's directly to your computer the way you want, at the price you want, with the selection you want. What could be easier? Unlike paysites, there is no membership fee, no billing cycle, just pick a package and minutes that suit your budget and watch as little or as much as you want. VOD is truly the wave of the future and is one of the fastest growing elements of the adult industry. It's the best way to save time and money and pay for only what you want. From the XonDemand site, here's an overview of how their pay-per-minute plan works:


How Pay-Per-Minute Works:


Step 1

Establish your FREE customer account


Step 2

Using a credit card, easily and securely purchase a package of minutes.


Step 3

Browse the site and select a movie you’d like to watch. You can view most films in either RealPlayer format (you’ll need to choose the optimal speed for your computer) or Windows Media (optimal speed is automatically configured for you). You’ll need to enter your user name and password before being able to watch the movie. Then sit back and enjoy your selection, it’s that simple!


Minutes are subtracted from your balance as the movie plays. You can view as little or as much as you choose. The time you purchase does not expire! To easily check your remaining minutes at any time, go to “My Account” and your balance is displayed near the top of the page.


When you visit the XonDemand Home page you'll see a variety of search options to help you decide what you want to see and how you want to see it.  Video Preference is divided into Gay, Lesbian, Fetish, Voyeur, Pornstars, New Releases and Most Watched. I clicked on the Lesbian link to check out what they had to offer and was taken to a page with two sample lesbian flicks with free previews. Underneath that was their featured movie, Lesbian Love Volume 2, Running Time 100 min.  


Packages are available for purchase in the following amounts:


15 min - $3.95

30 min - $5.95

60 min - $8.95

90 min - $10.95

120 min - $13.95

200 min - $19.95 (10 bonus minutes added to purchase)

250 min - $24.95 (20 bonus minutes added to purchase)

300 min - $29.95

500 min - $49.95

750 min - $69.95

1000 min - $84.95


You can also search by Categories (Amateur, Anal, Asian, all the popular genres), Search by Title, Description, Studio, Series, Director, Star and Scene. I searched for one of my favorite girls, Lexi Belle, and it pulled up 8 DVD's. I checked out one, "My Gigantic Toys" to see how the download area looked. The movie was available in pay per minute streaming Flash low, med and high, WMV in autosize and direct, and Real Player (56, 128, 384 and 512K). Running time:  120 min, so for $13.95 of purchased time, you can have a full two hour DVD downloaded directly to your computer in a variety of options.


Beneath that they showed a selection of related movies you might like similar to that one. You'll also see links to studios such as DreamGirls, Bob's Videos, Hustler, Pink Visual and Visual Images in this category. (girl/girl)  They also have a "House Favorites" and a New Releases list. So, it's quite easy to get around here and find links to anything you want. I then clicked on the "Straight" movies link to take a look around - their top featured studios are Legend, Platinum X, Digital Sin, Red Light District, and VCX (Home of the Classics). I clicked on the Red Light District video link and found a whopping 303 videos available for download which you can sort by: newly added, popularity, title and release date.


They indicate that there are 42,000+ full length movies in the XonDemand library, so that's a huge amount of porn ready for immediate download at your fingertips.  You also get 15 free minutes when you first sign up. The account creation area was quite easy and once that's set up, you're ready to start using your minutes and buying what you want, when you want. Your minutes don't expire until you start using them, and you can easily view your current account balance to see how much you have left.


So, if you're looking for an alternative to joining a monthly paysite or buying new DVD's at high retail prices, VOD may be just what you're looking for.


Check out Xondemand today!


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