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Reviewed 18 October 2011


When I knew I’d be reviewing I wasn’t quite sure if it was going to be an out and out BBW or simply a big boob site. Fortunately it’s a fantastic combination of both. XL Girls is an XXL collection of real women, with humongous hooters and a bit more meat on their bones. If you like ’em skinny then this ain’t for you. Honestly, I can’t believe the sheer volume of models and image galleries/videos on offer - XL Girls is something special. And that old adage “there is something for everyone here” could not be more true. All sizes from big fat birds to chubby chicks, to curvy normal and ever so slightly chunky - but they all have three things in common. Their sexy, they have got massive natural tits and can’t wait to show you everything. Just sit back and enjoy these top heavy heavenly creatures!


Site layout and design is good with simple yet methodical navigation. The easiest way to surf this XL Girls is to just get stuck in to the photo or movie archive and take it from there. A model directory is also provided should you wish to peruse these plump ladies at your leisure. While flicking through the galleries I noticed that a lot, if not all, the girls feature heavily (no pun intended) in the eBoobStore and links to various magazines and DVD’s can be found at the bottom of each babes sets/scenes.


Content is displayed in a no nonsense way with galleries listed 18 thumbnails per page and spread over many pages (99 at time of review). Fortunately someone had the foresight to provide a drop down menu so you can select the pages you want rather than click next… next… which is tedious with a huge site like this. Simple yet effective.


I counted 1800 photo galleries all of which can be downloaded and kept forever in your pervy stash. There are numerous resolutions available for viewing online (thumbnail format or Flash slideshow) or just download them in handy zip files. Some of the earlier material offered even more choices but right now pick between medium and large. I’d go for the large every time - you won’t be disappointed. Members can expect on average 50-80 images per set which equates to well over 100,000+ individual images - probably a lot more.


Movie content isn’t quite so big but still decent with 496 currently available to view online. Yep streaming only here, barring the five most recent HD videos which can be downloaded in ultra impressive 1280x720 WMV HD as well as MPEG-4 and standard WMV. Incidentally, I did find quite a few old archived videos which also can be downloaded so check those out too. Fast downloading clips are also provided but remember these downloads are only available for a limited period before they revert to streaming only in either 480p or 720p resolution via the embedded Flash player.


Everything at is carefully crafted and looks the business. There is such a wide choice of big tits and plumpers that even someone with just a passing interest in the BBW niche will find something that will appeal. For diehard big babe/big boob fans this is just about perfect in every respect.


Definitely one of the finest big gal sites around and wait… more good news with every membership to XL Girls you get free, yes FREE access to! Awesome.


Membership starts at $29.99 for 30 days access.


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